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Posted On: Sep 13, 2022

Problems in running your factory with Excel

Human errors or mistakes are inevitable! But is that feasible when your actions directly affect the growth of your business? No, right? Storing minor data in Excel is fine but when it comes to complex reports and calculation, that’s where Excel fails. If you are still comfortable managing all your operations in a spreadsheet it’s nothing but a disaster waiting to happen.


Let us explain why we are confidently making the bold statement :

ERP Over Spreadsheets

Limited Formulas To Work With

Excel has capped formulas which you can work with. It also increases the chances of conceptual errors in calculations. And human errors are inevitable when doing them      manually.
If you are a manufacturer and you are using Excel to document your inventory, wait till it turns into a horror story. Inventory Management Softwares, like FACT ERP.NG on the other hand, have automated computerized calculations which remove the chances of human error.

Unorganized Data

With the expansion of your business, the amount of information also keeps piling up day by day, which makes the Excel files heavy, messy and unorganized. Many employees working on the same Excel file disrupts the flow of information which in turn increases the chances of making mistakes and misrepresenting data.
Whereas when you use ERPs, they have dedicated Inventory Modules which are programmed in a way to make sure you have full control and visibility over your inventory movement.

Analysis of Crucial Data

When we are talking about a running factory, there are so many types of data to be analyzed such as production, warehousing, sales, quality and many more. To gather data from different Excels and then to analyze is a tough task and increases the chances of human errors. Production planning is a challenge in itself and to have a visually pleasing plan on the screen helps the organization take proper decisions and also leads to optimum utilization of their resources. Our Inventory Management Module provides you with configurable dashboards and quick reports which makes your job 10 folds easier and your team 10x more productive.

Realtime Inventory Management

Stock from inventory comes in and goes out every day and to update your Excel manually is a hassle. An ERP based inventory management tool provides you with features like bar-codes, which updates the Inventory module automatically with every transaction. With realtime data you cut off the delay and have reliable information to make sure your business runs effortlessly.


Our Inventory Management Module has already brought the change in the industry and provides end-to-end solution to all your business problems. The quicker you shift from Spreadsheets to FACT ERP.NG the quicker you reap the benefits of it.

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