Paying Your Team has never been Simpler


An All-in-One Payroll Solution

Store detailed information about your Staff, Departments and Company Structure and automate your payroll processes.

Automatic Payslip Generation
Automatically generate Payslips for individual employees, regardless of their working arrangements. Choose from multiple Payslip Templates alongside customisable options.

Flexible Pay Structures
Pay your staff what they’re worth. Use Standard Pay Items—such as Basic, Commission, and Bonus— and create your own custom items such as Allowance or Deduction.

Personalized Holidays and Leave Calendars
Import your own Calendars, with Company- and Region-Specific Holidays. Keep track of individual leaves such as Maternity, Medical, or Annual. Automatically compute Unpaid Leave Deduction.

Employee Masters
Keep track of everything employee-related with built-in fields such as Birthdays, Passport Expiry Dates, Payroll Run Dates, Certificates and more, or specify your own custom fields.

Payroll that works for you

  • Effortless Tax Compliance
    We automatically calculate CPF, SDL, SOCSO, EPF, MTD, EIS, PF, and more. We constantly monitor statutory changes and update the Ichiban Payroll Guru software so that you’ll never make a mistake with your payroll again.
  • Pay On-The-Go
    Access Ichiban Payroll Guru via the Web Browser, you can settle Payroll issues directly from your iPad or Android Tablet, on-the-go.

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