Scope of Support

The FACT Helpdesk Team is committed to provide technical support to all valued users of FACT ERP.NG who have signed up for the annual Subscription Plan. The dedicated FACT Helpdesk staff will help you to troubleshoot and respond to your questions.

How do I get Support for FACT ERP.NG?

  • Hotline Support via Phone & Remote (Team Viewer)
    • Your staff can call us for support issues and our trained Helpdesk Staff will be happy to assist:
      • The Weekdays from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
      • Please call your local support line numbers as given below
      • FACT Helpdesk will be unable to make any outgoing overseas calls
  • Email Support
    You can contact us via email. FACT Helpdesk endeavors to respond to email queries within one business day. To ensure a swift response:

    • Please email your local support email address as given below
    • Please include the following information:
      • FACT ERP.NG License Serial Number
      • Company Name as registered with us
  • 24/7 Web Support
    Your company will be issued a username and password to access the extensive Knowledge Article Bank on our website. This is available to you 24/7 for one year. Even if it is after office hours, your staff can search for the query and read the solution available in this secure area

    • You can access the FACT ERP.NG knowledge Article Bank at FACT ERP.NG Advisories
    • The Knowledge Article Bank contains detailed documentation on the following:
      • FACT ERP.NG Advisories
      • FACT ERP.NG Articles (FAQs)
      • FACT ERP.NG Whitepaper(s)
    • Note: We constantly update the Knowledge Article Bank with new Q&As.
  • New Versions
    During the Subscription Plan period, your company will be entitled to all new versions of FACT ERP.NG released by FACT Software. At the present time, we are releasing 500+ enhancements to our software each year.
    The regular upgrades guarantee your company against obsolescence.

    • FACT ERP.NG users on Subscription Plan are entitled to avail of the Onsite Training, Troubleshooting, Support & Consultancy on a paid basis.

What does FREE FACT ERP.NG Helpdesk Support include

  • Explanation on FACT ERP.NG program functionality
  • Troubleshooting issues with Functionalities in FACT ERP.NG
  • Troubleshooting issues with Features in FACT ERP.NG
  • Troubleshooting of errors encountered in FACT ERP.NG
  • Explanation on an error message
  • Assistance on identifying reasons for any issue – if they are related to FACT ERP.NG, hardware, or connectivity
  • Assistance on Product Activation Key

What does PAID FACT ERP.NG Onsite Training, Troubleshooting, Support & Consultancy include

  • Onsite Support & Consultancy is available at half or full-day rates from Weekdays.
  • Onsite FACT ERP.NG Product Training is available for :
    • Complete Product Training
    • Modular Product Training (Modules as selected by the User)
  • Onsite FACT ERP.NG Troubleshooting is available for :
    • Troubleshooting FACT ERP.NG setup/installation on supported Networks or PCs
    • Troubleshooting printing problems in FACT ERP.NG
    • Assistance on Functionalities & Features in FACT ERP.NG
    • Troubleshooting errors encountered in FACT ERP.NG
    • Designing of source documents
  • Onsite FACT ERP.NG Consultancy is available for :
    • ​​Generation and Export of reports from FACT ERP.NG
    • Performing year-end Accounting functions in FACT ERP.NG
    • Importing data into FACT ERP.NG
    • FACT ERP.NG System Study
  • Additional Terms & Conditions apply for outstation users.
  • Upgrade to the latest version via WebUpdate
    • Before seeking support via any of the following modes, you agree to update to the latest version via WebUpdate

What is NOT included in the FACT ERP.NG Subscription Plan

FACT Software Support Services exclude the following (each, an “Excluded Cause”):

  • Third-party products
  • Any unauthorised modifications to FACT ERP.NG
  • Use of FACT ERP.NG other than in a recommended environment
  • FACT ERP.NG Versions which are lower than the current released version
  • FACT ERP.NG not covered under an active Subscription Plan
  • FACT ERP.NG Installation: Installation related troubleshooting or Printing / Printer related troubleshooting within FACT ERP.NG. You agree to purchase our onsite services to help troubleshoot these issues. These issues may involve third-party products that have not been supplied by us (including but not limited to: printers and network components). It might be necessary to involve the Support Services from other vendors to jointly troubleshoot the issue on hand. You agree to call on the Support Services of these vendors at your expense.
  • FACT ERP.NG Training: you agree to purchase onsite Support, Consultancy or Implementation Service for this purpose.
  • FACT ERP.NG Implementation: you agree to purchase onsite Support, Consultancy or Implementation Service for this purpose.
  • FACT ERP.NG Enhancements: we are pleased to receive your suggestions for enhancing FACT ERP.NG and forward to our development team. This does not constitute any commitment to do the enhancement(s).
  • FACT ERP.NG Customisation: at our sole discretion, we will give a commercial quote for customisation requests, subject to technical feasibility. If you do not have a detailed technical Request for a Proposal, you may ask us to quote you for our consultancy to prepare one.
  • Users are expected to take their own data backup and ensure that the data backup is reliable and safe. Data Recovery is not within the Scope of Support. We may offer Data Recovery service on a case-by-case basis. This is a chargeable service and will be provided strictly on a best-effort basis.

Supported Versions of FACT ERP.NG

Please keep in mind that the FACT Helpdesk provides support on the most recent Release of FACT ERP.NG. For a swift response please ensure you have run web update and upgraded to the latest version before you seek assistance from the FACT Helpdesk.

Phone Numbers & Email Addresses

You will be served by our office from where you bought FACT ERP.NG

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