Scope of Support

The FACT Helpdesk Team is committed to provide technical support to all valued users of FACT ERP.NG who have signed up for the annual Subscription Plan. The dedicated FACT Helpdesk staff will help you to troubleshoot and respond to your questions.

How To Get Support for FACT ERP.NG

(You must be on the latest version of FACT ERP.NG to avail of support)

Hotline Support via Phone & Remote Access via Team Viewer

  • Call our trained Helpdesk Staff for support issues
    • Weekdays: 10:00 AM to 5.00 PM
    • Local Support Numbers given below
  • FACT Helpdesk will give support to overseas customers via Skype and Zoom

Email Support

  • Email our trained Helpdesk Centers for support issues
    • To ensure swift response
      • FACT ERP.NG License Serial Number
      • Company Name as registered with us
    • Local Support Email Addresses given below
    • We endeavour to respond within one  business day

 24/7 Web Support

  • Go to “FACT ERP.NG Advisories” section in
  • You will gain online access to FACT ERP.NG Knowledge Bank which contains
    • FACT ERP.NG Advisories
    • FACT ERP.NG Articles (FAQs)
    • FACT ERP.NG Whitepapers
  • FACT ERP.NG Knowledge Bank is ever-growing
  • Access will be available up to expiry of your Subscription Plan
  • We will issue a User Name and Password to access the above

New Versions of FACT ERP.NG

  • You are entitled to all New Versions released up to expiry of your Subscription Plan
  • At the present time, we are releasing 600+ enhancements each year
  • Such upgrades protect you from obsolescence
  • New Versions may require you to upgrade your servers, client computers and operating systems

What “Free” FACT ERP.NG Helpdesk Support covers

  • Troubleshooting of “Errors” encountered in FACT ERP.NG as per examples below
    • Error Box encountered
    • Trial Balance does not match
  • “Free” Helpdesk Support does not include
    • Training on Functionalities & Features in FACT ERP.NG
    • Implementation of existing and new features in FACT ERP.NG

All About “Paid” FACT ERP.NG Training, Support & Consultancy

  • Available at Half or Full Man-Day basis on Weekdays
  • Available for Functionalities and Features of FACT ERP.NG as per
    • Complete Product Training
    • Modular Training (based on your selection and priority)
    • Consultation on Designing of Transaction Documents using FACT ERP.NG’s Inbuilt Document Designer
    • Generation and Export of Reports from FACT ERP.NG
    • Assisting in Year-Ending Process in FACT ERP.NG
    • Importing Data (Masters & Transactions) from FACT ERP.NG Excel Templates Setting up Ichiban Payroll Guru
    • Consultation on API Integration between FACT ERP.NG and External Systems (some examples given below)
      • Banks (Payment, Bank Statement Download)
      • Warehouse Management Systems
      • Front-End Systems such as Clinic Management, Billing Systems, Freight Management Systems
      • E-Commerce Sites
      • Export of data from FACT ERP.NG for upload to other systems
    • System Study / Request for Proposal (RFP) creation for
      • Enhancements
      • Customisations
    • Upgrade to Latest Version via FACT’s Inbuilt WebUpdate feature
  •  Installation & Troubleshooting Services available for
    •  Setup & Installation on supported Networks or PCs
    •  Troubleshooting Printing Issues for Reports and Transactions from FACT ERP.NG
    •  Issues which involve third-party products, including but not limited to printers and network
    •  If it is necessary to involve the Support Services from other vendors to jointly troubleshoot
      the issue on hand, you agree to requisition Support Services of these vendors at your
  • Assistance on Product Activation Key
    • You are advised to sign up for our Comprehensive License Key Program (if not done so already)
  • Additional Terms & Conditions apply for travel outside municipal limits of Helpdesk Centers

Before seeking support via any of the modes above, you agree to update to the latest version via

What FACT ERP.NG Subscription Plan covers

  • All New Versions of FACT ERP.NG released within the Subscription Plan period
  • Statutory Changes affecting Financials as follows
    • India (GST, TDS, TCS, MSME)
    • Singapore (GST)
    • Malaysia (SST)
    • Nepal (VAT, TDS)
    • Philippines (VAT, Expanded Withholding Tax)
  • Statutory Changes affecting Payroll Taxes & Deductions
  • Bug Fixes – Exclusion Clause
    • Limited to Bugs / Isuues reported to us and simultaed (with supporting data backup and required details) up to 10 (Ten) working days prior to Subscription Plan Expiry Date
    • Bugs / Issues reported less that 10 working days prior to Subscription Plan Expiry Date will not qualify for Support, under this Scope of Support

What is NOT included in FACT ERP.NG Subscription Plan

  • The following services are not covered by the FACT ERP.NG Subscription Plan and you agree to purchase our Paid Man-Days Service for these services
    • Installation
    • Training & Implementation on Features & Functionalities of FACT ERP.NG
    • Troubleshooting Printer setup issues
  • Enhancement Requests
    • While we are pleased to receive Enhancement Requests to FACT ERP.NG from our valued users, this does not constitute any commitment to do these enhancements
    • If you wish to fast-track these Enhancements, you may seek a commercial quote from your nearest FACT Helpdesk Center
  • Customisation Requests
    • Customisations are chargeable, subject to technical feasibility
    • At our sole discretion, we will give a commercial quote for customisation requests
    • If you do not have a detailed technical Request for Proposal (RFP), we will give you a Commercial Quote for our consultancy services to help you prepare an RFP
  • Data Backup & Data Recovery
    • You undertake to take their own data backup and ensure that the data backup is reliable and safe
    • Data Recovery is not within the Scope of Support
    • At our sole discretion, we may offer Data Recovery Service on a case-by-case basis
    • This is a chargeable service and will be provided strictly on a best-effort basis
  • Third-Party Products
    • Support & Services for Third-Party products including, but not limited to Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SQL Server etc

What triggers Auto Cancellation of FACT ERP.NG Subscription Plan

  • Any unauthorised modifications to FACT ERP.NG
  • Reverse Engineering done to FACT ERP.NG


Supported Versions of FACT ERP.NG

  • FACT Helpdesk will provide support (whether free or paid) only on the most recent Version of FACT ERP.NG
  • You undertake to update to the Latest Version of FACT ERP.NG before calling us for support


Where will you served from?

  • From the Helpdesk Center of the location from where you bought FACT ERP.NG

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