Quality Assurance Statement

In the world of ERP, the implementers try to keep the user engaged by selling more and more Man-hours as a straightforwa..

Unlocking the Retail Potential : How FACT ERP.NG Empowe..

Are ERP softwares only for MNCs who have a lot of inventory and human resource to control? Not at all! Even if you are a..

Now Run Email Campaigns Directly From FACT!

In today’s digital age, email campaigns play a crucial role in company strategy for businesses of all sizes. Howev..

FACT ERP.NG is fully compliant with the new GST rules

Have you heard about the new GST rule? GST E-invoicing is now Mandatory for any taxpayers with INR 5 Crores or above tur..

How an End-to-end Integrated ERP System removes the nee..

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are designed to integrate various business functions and processes into a sin..

Optimise your Logistics Business with FACT ERP.NG

Is your business still using Spreadsheets and Excel templates to manage all its logistics and supply chain operations? I..

Reasons to invest in a Human Resource Management Softwa..

Human Resources, or HR, is certainly one of the most important departments in any firm, regardless of its size and, payr..

Automate your E-Invoicing process with FACT ERP.NG!

What is E-Invoicing? It’s all in the name. E-invoicing is defined by the GST Law as electronic invoicing. Similar to h..

Does your business truly require a Data Visualization..

Are you unable to handle the enormous amount of data your company generates? Does one report need you to comb through a ..

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