Get E-Invoice Compliant Today.

Are you generating over MYR 100 million annually?

E-Invoicing made mandatory for you from 01 August 2024!

E-Invoicing is Fully Integrated into FACT ERP.NG

We are successfully E-Invoice Compliant in Singapore, Nepal and India!



Fully automated bookkeeping

All your business accounts stored in one place, electronically.


Transparency in compliance

Reduced risk of data manipulation and in more extreme cases, fraud.


Reliable business management

Data can be traced back to the time, date and user of any transaction.


Range of recorded data

Inclusive of general ledger and source documents such as receipts, invoices and vouchers.


Simplified auditing

With all your data stored in one place, your auditor’s job has never been faster and easier.


An efficient economy

Compliance by all businesses creates an economy based on integrity.

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