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Posted On: Aug 10, 2022

Document Vault : The new way to store your data

With a lot of documents comes the responsibility to store it properly and efficiently. That is where the need for a Document Vault comes in. When it comes to storing crucial documents, the safety and security aspect of storing it physically becomes a huge liability. To avoid the risk factor, you can store the documents in a web-based depository which is known as a FACT Document Vault.


Is your team frustrated with tracking, managing and storing documents manually?

A Document Vault is your answer.

To avoid losing, misplacing data, every organization should go digital and start maintaining a digital copy of all documents.

Does Document Vaults only help in keeping your data safe and secured? No! There is more to it –

  1. Reduced Storage Space / Cloud Storage
    • Storing documents physically in your office is a huge fuss. It takes up a lot of space and the cost to store it up increases day by day.
    • Storing your documents on a cloud storage/server is just so much better!
    • Storing documents in a digital form helps free up so much space!
    • Documents Secured More Than Ever
  2. With enhanced security you eliminate the risk of losing documents anymore!
    • Storing physical documents often make the documents vulnerable to getting worn off or lost with time. But storing it online avoids ageing of the documents which in turn helps in accessing them whenever needed.
    • Another problem with physical storage is who has access to that data. Not everything can be kept in lock and key. In digitized documents you can restrict access to users according to their rights in the system, and maintain full confidentiality
  3. Quick Access To Documents
    • Looking for a single document in a pile of documents can be frustrating and time consuming. Whereas, in a document vault you can search a word, or a phrase, and the file will be on your screen in seconds!
    • Saves time and optimizes your resources
  4. Better Backup Of Documents
    • In case of a disaster, documents physically stored in an office, can get lost or worse, destroyed
    • The benefit of storing your data in a Document Vault is that the data is stored on servers/cloud
    • So even if there is a disaster, there is no chance of losing your documents.
    • Even if the server gets hampered, the servers has more than adequate backup systems to secure your documents/data


To conclude, FACT’s Document Vault makes it effortless to track, manage and organize documents. In this dynamic and fast-paced business world it is not feasible to physically store documents, especially with sensitive data without the risk of loss or theft. To avoid any mishaps, companies often have to pay hefty charges for security or penalty for damages.

Clearly, maintaining a digital hub for documents has more pros and little to no cons. FACT has shown a way which is beyond just storing the documents.

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