Monitor from Anywhere.
All Companies in Single View.
Compliance Completion Approvals.

  • No More Missed Dates.

  • No More Late Payment Charges.

  • No More Unbilled Receivables.

  • Compliances get done on time, every time!

What is 
Compliance Monitor Guru?

Never miss a single Due Date any more. No More Missed Deadlines. No More Late Payment Charges. No More Last Minute Rush.


Compliance Monitor Guru gives you complete control over Due Dates for all operational matters in your company. You can set up all Reminders and Due Dates for all aspects of your business and monitor the compliance on a day-to-day basis, even when you are not in the office.

Realtime Browser based Dashboard!

  • Date-to-Date View

  • Multiple Companies/Entities in Single View

  • View Compliance Status by: Completed/Pending/Both

  • View Email/SMS Notifications sent to persons responsible for compliance

  • Realtime Tracking of Compliance Steps taken (tagging of Payment Voucher, Uploading of Attachments etc)

  • View Uploaded Documents (Contract Renewal, Vendor Receipt Acknowledgement etc)

  • Quick Search by Compliance Name/Category

  • Receive Email Notification of all Completed Compliances

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Monitoring Compliance was never so easy!

User Definable Setup for Compliance Due Dates for Non-Statutory (General) matters:

  • Set up Compliance Reminders for Unlimited Number of Companies/Entities

  • Recurring Due Dates (Monthly/Quarterly/Half-Yearly/Yearly)

  • Multiple Ad hoc Due Dates

  • Internal Compliance Dates

  • Approvals for Compliance Completion

  • SMS/Email Alerts to Selected Users

  • Escalation to Seniors in case of Internal Due Date compliance default

  • Link Compliance with Payment Voucher (General Ledger or Vendor)

  • Mandatory Upload Option of Compliance Confirmation/Payment Documents (Multiple Uploads possible)

  • Reminders stop automatically upon Compliance Completion

  • Disable Compliance to Stop Reminders & Tracking

  • Monitor Directors' Personal Due Dates (Medical Appointment, School Fees etc)

Set Reminders for:

  • Rent Payment to Landlord

  • Property Lease Renewal

  • Property/Municipal Tax Payment

  • Electricity Payment

  • Mobile Payment

  • Vehicle Insurance Renewal

  • Vehicle Servicing

  • Road Tax Payment

  • Pollution Control Renewal

  • Vendor Payments

  • Office/Factory Insurance Payment

  • Pest Control Payment

  • AMC Contract Renewal (Airconditioners,  IT Equipment etc)

  • Service Contract Renewal (Consultancy, Inspection etc)

  • Employee Appraisals

  • Employee Passport Renewals

  • Employee Visa Renewals

  • Employment Pass Renewals

  • Court Case Hearings (Trial Court, High Court, Appeals Court etc)

  • Income Tax Assessment/ Appeal/ Tribunal Hearings

  • Raise Rent Invoices on Tenants