InvoiceNow Registration

Free Activation of InvoiceNow is
limited on a First-Come-First-Serve basis

The offer is open to all FACT ERP.NG customers who are registered under an active Subscription Plan with FACT Software International Pte Ltd, Singapore.

If you are currently not under Subscription Plan, please get in touch with us at immediately to renew your Subscription Plan and avail of this offer.

Today businesses face challenging times. We have taken the far-sighted approach to incorporate Inter-Business digitalization technologies to improve our customers' efficiency. One such improvement we have undertaken is to get on-board the nationwide E-Invoicing network, known as InvoiceNow.

InvoiceNow allows suppliers to send their e-invoices from their finance system directly into buyers’ finance/ERP systems saving time, cost and effort as well as reducing potential errors so that invoices can be processed more efficiently.

Getting on board is quite simple, Register Now to activate e-invoicing features or drop us a mail at if you wish to learn more.

$200 Pre-Approved IMDA E-Invoicing Registration Grant (ERG)

Receive SGD200 directly in your PayNow Corporate Account when you sign up with your
Company UEN Number.

No need to apply separately for this grant.

Furthermore, IMDA has released a new “E-Invoicing Registration Grant” (ERG) that rewards you $200 for registering on the E-Invoicing Network; this is also available for a limited time only, so do take advantage and get yourself registered on the network. Find out more at

We urge you to consider how this will work for you as much as we believe it will and we look forward to welcoming you on-board the InvoiceNow E-invoicing network!