You work hard building
your wealth.
 FamilyWealthGuru  puts you on Top of the Game!

FamilyWealthGuru offers Portfolio Aggregation with Automatic Mark-to-Market Reports. An unbeatable combination of data security, zero manual work, no more spreadsheets and slice & dice capability.

With direct Import from Contract Notes and Statements, FamilyWealthGuru is fully integrated with FACT ERP.NG: Portfolio Aggregation and Accounting, all in a single package.

  • All data resides on your Server

  • Automatic Mark-to-Market Reports

  • No cut and paste. No more spreadsheets. No delays.


Wealth Dashboard

  • Single-Click Realtime Reports

  • Mark-to-Market Graphs with %ages

  • Comparative Graphs with Indexes

  • Historical Price Movement Graphs

  • Market Watch: Candlestick & Volume

  • Single Member & Consolidated Family Holding

    • By Asset Class

    • By Scrip

    • By Risk Rating

    • By Liquidity Rating

    • By Industry

    • By Country

    • By DP/Registrar

    • By Individual Lots

    • Long/Short Term Breakup

  • Comparative Performances

    • By Members

    • By Member Groups

  • Price Alerts: Online/SMS/Email

  • Portfolio Rebalancing: Target vs Actual

  • Automatic Market Rates

  • Auto FIFO Handling

  • Auto Speculation Trade Handling

  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR): Target vs Actual

  • Projected Cash Flow

  • Interest Coupon Tracking

  • Jewellery Tracking with Revaluation

  • Upload Photos of Assets

  • IRR for Property Investments

No Spreadsheets :: Zero Errors

  • No more Cut & Paste

  • No Duplication

  • No Delays

  • Contract Notes

  • Mutual Fund Statements

  • IAF Statements

Auto Import from PDF Files

Unlimited Benefits

  • Access from anywhere via Web

  • View, Export & Print

  • Save as PDF & Email

  • Automatic Multi-Broker Accounting

  • Multiple Demat/Depository Holdings

  • Automatic Asset Valuation at Cost

  • Fixed Deposit Accounting

  • Recurring Rent Invoicing

  • Automatic Allocation of Taxes & Brokerage

  • Integrated with FACT ERP.NG

  • Automatic GST & TDS (Withholding Tax)

  • Automatic P&L and Balance Sheet for easy filing of Income Tax Returns

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What this allows is to solve problems for families with multiple wealth management banking relationships​

—  Sita M
Advisor, Financial Services