What's New - Version 7.0.6

Release Date : 27 Sep 2022

1. Digital Signatures in Sale Invoices

  • Send Digitally Signed Sale Invoices to Customers from within FACT ERP.NG via
    • DSC Dongle
    • PFX File (no need for DSC Dongle)
  • Digitally sign Sale Invoices in Bulk to save time
  • Ask your nearest FACT Helpdesk Center for a quote to set this up


2. CXO Control Tower Single Click Customer Ledger Export

  • Customer Card – Customer Ledger – New Buttons
    • Export to Excel
    • Export to PDF


3. Attachments are more powerful

  • New File Types can be attached in Masters and Transactions
    • EML, ZIP, RAR


4. Single File Sale Invoice Import with Warehouse, Batch & Serial Numbers

  • Import Sale Invoices from a Single Excel Sheet with
    • Warehouse, Batch & Serial Numbers


5. Incremental Search activated for Salesman (Agent)

  • Type the first few characters for Salesman (Agent) and select immediately
    • Proforma Invoice, Sale Order, Sale D/O, Sale Invoice, Customer Receipt, Customer Payment, Debit Note & Credit Note


6. Incremental Search activated for Purchaser (Agent)

  • Type the first few characters for Purchaser (Agent) and select immediately
    • Purchase Inward Quotation, Purchase Order, Purchase D/O (GRN) & Purchase Invoice


7. General Ledger Data Dump – New Columns

  • New Columns Added
    • Vendor Invoice Number, Vendor Invoice Date


8. General Ledger Report sports new Auto Posted Details

  • Auto Posted Journal Voucher from “Trading Stock to Fixed Assets” now visible for easy reconciliation

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