What's New - Version 7.0.4

Release Date : 18 Jul 2022


1. CXO  Control  Tower

  • Multi Year Reports
    • Generate Reports for 10, 23 or more Years’ Data instantly on a Single Screen
    • No need to switch from year to year
    • Filter on Date Range and Document Class at will
    • Generate Customer Card, Vendor Card, Product Card, Salesman Card, Purchaser Card, Cost Center Card
    • Sale Invoices, Purchase Invoices, Payments, Receipts, Customer Ledger, Vendor Ledger…


2. CXO Control  Tower

  • Multi Company Reports
    • Generate Reports for all your companies merged instantly on a Single Screen
    • No need to switch between different companies
    • Filter on Date Range and Document Class at will
    • Generate Customer Card, Vendor Card, Product Card, Salesman Card, Purchaser Card, Cost Center Card
    • All transactions are displayed with Company Name
    • Sale Invoices, Purchase Invoices, Payments, Receipts, Customer Ledger, Vendor Ledger…


3. CXO  Control  Tower

  • “From Date” and “To Date” – Global Setting
    • Set the “From Date” & “To Date” and generate Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Cash & Bank Reports
    • No need to keep changing the Dates across different reports
    • Generate Reports for Multiple Years (Date to Date)
    • Generate Reports for Multiple Companies instantly
    • Filter on Date Range and Document Class at will
    • Generate Customer Card, Vendor Card, Product Card, Salesman Card, Purchaser Card, Cost Center Card
    • Sale Invoices, Purchase Invoices, Payments, Receipts, Customer Ledger, Vendor Ledger…


4. CXO  Control  Tower

  • Document Class / Filtered Reports – Global Setting
    • Set the “Document Class” at Global Level and generate Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Cash & Bank Reports
    • No need to set the Document Class in different reports
    • Filter on Date Range at will within the Document Class Filter
    • View Reports on Document Class for Multi Company & Multi Years at one go
    • Instant Multi Company and Multi Year Reports for
      • Locations
      • Divisions
      • Departments
      • Cost Centers
      • Employees
      • Branches


5. CXO  Control  Tower

  • “Document Vault” is now Multi Company & Multi Year
    • Available now for Multi Company & Multi Year on a single screen
    • View Documents at Company Level, Master Data Level and Transaction Level
    • No need to switch from one company to another
    • No need to switch from one financial year to another
    • Locate all attachments instantly


6. CXO  Control Tower

  • Instant Global Search
    • Lightning-Fast Global Search across all fields
    • Search Result displays data from Masters, Transactions and Compliance Data
    • “Document Relationship” Icon appears along with search results
    • Click to drill down to Transaction direct from search results
    • Click to drill down on Document Relationship direct from search results
    • Works across Multi Company
    • Works across Multi Year
    • Searches all fields, including Additional Product Description, UDFs, Remarks, Narration, Serial Number, Batch Number
    • Search also on Sale Invoice Number, Vendor Invoice Number, GRN Number etc


7. CXO  Control  Tower

  • Starts automatically when you log in


8. CXO  Control  Tower

  • CRM – Customer Ledger
    • Realtime Update of Current Year transactions
      • No need to Click on Sync / Update Customer Transactions


9. Web Cockpit – Document Relationship

  • Power Options
    • Reset
    • Zoom percentage
    • Full screen
    • Undo
    • Redo


10. Web Cockpit – Approvals Pending

  • New Columns : Document Number, Document Date, Amount & Currency Code
  • Enter Remarks when clicking on Approve  / Hold  / Reject


11. Attachments Carried Forward Automatically to Linked Documents

  • Purchase Requisition to Purchase Inward Quotation to Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order to Purchase D/O (GRN) to Purchase Invoice
  • Purchase Invoice to Vendor Payment


12. Compliance Monitor Guru

  • Configure Compliance in Previous Years’ Data
    • Even if Due Date is later than Financial Year End Date
  • New Status : Internal Auditor Check Completed


13. Easier Online Approval via WhatsApp

  • New Capability : Attachments delivered in PDF Format along with Document


14. Web Cockpit – Landed Costing (L/C) Report

  • New Parameters
    • From Date
    • To Date
  • Filters on Invoice Date and Letter of Credit (L/C) Date


15. Customer Ageing Data Dump

  • New Columns
    • Foreign Currency Code in Ageing Intervals
    • Foreign Currency Amount in Ageing Intervals

16. Payments & Receipts Register Data Dump (Customers & Vendors)

  • New Columns
    • Maker Checker Status
    • Generated Date


17. Reports at Blazing Speeds

  • Merged Companies – Reports
    • Trial Balance – Consolidated, Trial Balance – Tabular, Profit & Loss – Consolidated,
      Profit & Loss – Tabular, Profit & Loss – Month Wise, Balance Sheet – Consolidated, Balance Sheet – Tabular, Balance Sheet – Month Wise
  • Statutory Reports
    • Nepal : All Reports
    • India Customers TDS Status & FORM MSME – I


18. Inventory Issues

  • New Columns in Manufacturing Order (MO) Help Box
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) Number
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) Description
  • Factor
  • UOM
  • Document Class
  • Remarks


19. Sale Order Position and Purchase Order Position Reports – Revamped

  • Improved Readability & Speed Optimisation


20. Stock Status Report with Outstanding Orders

  • New Parameter : Multiple UOM


21. Stock Transfer

  • New Column at Product Level : Additional Description


22. Maker Checker (Post Approval) in Purchase Order

  • Maker (with Modify Rights) can Add New Line Items when modifying an “Approved” Purchase Order


23. Salesman (Agent) Wise Customer Party Ledger

  • New Report : Zero Balance Customers (Customer Wise)


24. Purchaser (Agent) Wise Vendor Party Ledger

  • New Report: Zero Balance Vendors (Vendor Wise)


25. Print Alternating Background Colour

  • Print Light Green Alternating Lines in
    • Journal Book, Customer Credit Note & Debit Note Register, Vendor Credit Note & Debit Note Register


26. UDF Window

  • Displays in a Larger Window in Masters-Document Class
  • Displays in a Larger Window in transaction entry screens (Global Level UDF & Product Level UDF)


27. Customer Ageing (Salesman (Agent) Wise) Report – Detailed

  • New Report


28. Vendor Ageing (Home Currency) Report

  • New Report : Vendor Wise – Detailed with Six Columns


29. Auto Journal (Posting Details) Report

  • New Parameter : Consumption Issues


30. Stock Status Query

  • New Reset Button / resets all filters at one go


31. Customer / Vendor Opening Entries

  • New Entry Options
    • Customer Opening : Customer Payment
    • Vendor Opening : Vendor Receipt


32. Inventory Finished Goods Register – Received & Returned

  • New Parameters
    • Global Level User Defined Fields (UDFs)
    • Line Level User Defined Fields (UDFs)


33. Super Fast Import Routines

  • Purchase D/O (GRN), Purchase Invoice, Purchase Return
  • Purchase Invoice – Import from InvoiceNow (PEPPOL) – for Singapore Only
  • Proforma Invoice / Quotation, Sale D/O, Sale Invoice, Sale Return
  • Stock Adjustment, Stock Transfer
  • Inventory Issues, Inventory Issues Return
  • Finished Good Received, Finished Good Returned


34. Customer Master Import

  • New Capability : Import Multiple Billing Addresses


35. Sale Order Import

  • New Check Box : Select Auto Document Numbering Scheme


36. Sale D/O Import

  • New Check Boxes (Similar to Sale Invoice)
    • Apply Auto Sequence for Warehouse / Batch / Serial
    • Activate Automatic Batch In-source Selection

37. Stock Transfer Import

  • New Fields
    • Transit Warehouse
    • Outward Stock Transfer

38. Document Designer – New Fields

  • “Billing Address – WhatsApp Number” & “Shipping Address – WhatsApp Number” in
    • Proforma Invoice / Quotation, Sale Order, Sale D/O, Sale Invoice, Sale Order Amendment
    • Purchase Inward Quotation, Purchase Order, Purchase D/O (GRN), Purchase Invoice, Purchase Order Amendment
    • Acquisition (Purchase) of Fixed Assets, Disposal (Sale) of Fixed Assets
    • Stock Transfer, Stock Transfer Order
  • Customer Master & Vendor Master, Salesman (Agent) Master, Purchaser (Agent) Master
  • Others Master & Contact Master


39. Year Ending

  • New Option : Carry Forward “Closing Stock of Fixed Assets” Document Class Wise


40. Ichiban Payroll Guru

  • New Columns in Salary Statement Reports
    • Employee Permanent Account Number (PAN)
    • Employee Bank Account Number


41. Import From Contract Note in Family Wealth Guru

  • New Capability : Import Document Class


42. IRAS Submission of GST Return APIs (F5/F7/F8)

– Applicable for Singapore Only

  • File Direct from FACT ERP.NG to IRAS Portal (via IRAS’ New API)
    • GST Return Form F5
    • GST Return Form F7 (to correct errors filed in F5)
    • GST Return Form F8 (Yearly Return)


43. InvoiceNow (PEPPOL)

– Applicable for Singapore only

  • New Transactions for Upload via InvoiceNow (PEPPOL) API
    • Purchase Order
      • Upload Purchase Order
      • Import Purchase Order Response
    • Sale Order
      • Import Sale Order
      • Upload Sale Order Response
    • Sale Invoice
      • Upload Sale Invoice
      • Import Sale Invoice Response
    • Purchase Invoice
      • Import Purchase Invoice
      • Upload Purchase Invoice Response


44. Inter Bank GIRO (IBG) Bank

– Applicable for Singapore Only

  • Create “Foreign Currency” Payments for DBS Bank (Local & International)
    • Universal File Format (UFF)


45. “Default Address (Billing / Shipping) for GST” in Sale Transactions

– Applicable for India only

  • Set “Default Address for GST” : Billing or Shipping in System Controls
    • Automatically selects the Default Address when entering a Sale transaction
    • Reduces data entry time and eliminates errors
    • Possible to switch the Address at time of entry
  • To override System Controls Setting, Set “Default Address for GST” in Customer Master
  • Available for
    • Proforma Invoice / Quotation
  • Sale Order
  • Sale D/O
  • Sale Invoice


46. Purchase Data Dump

– Applicable for India only

  • New Columns for Vendor Payment & Vendor Credit Note
  • Reverse Charge Applicable %
  • Input Tax Credit Claimable %


47. TDS Form 26Q – More Power

– Applicable for India Only

  • New Parameters when generating TDS Form 26Q
    • Include Zero TDS Transaction Information
    • Include Nil Challan (will be added in FVU File automatically if applicable)
  • TDS Form 26Q will be generated even if Lower / Zero TDS Certificate “TDS Section 194C – Transporter (44AE) Declaration with PAN” for Zero TDS has not been entered


48. Sale Invoice

– Applicable for India Only

  • Modify “Additional Description” even after Sale Invoice has been uploaded to GSTN Server via


49. Ichiban Payroll Guru

– Applicable for Nepal Only

  • As per Nepal’s Internal Revenue Department (IRD)’s New Guidelines, added as follows
    • New Tax Slab for “Single” and “Married”
    • 10% Female Tax Rebate (Applicable to Single Female Employees)
    • New Fields in Employee Master – Statutory Tab
      • PF (Provident Fund) Number
      • CIT (Citizen Investment Trust) Number
      • PAN (Permanent Account) Number
      • Gratuity – Yes / No Option


50. KSA VAT E-Invoice Generation

– Applicable for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) only

  • Generate E-Invoice from FACT ERP.NG in a single click with full verification
  • New Fields in Company’s General Tab
    • VAT Registration Number
    • Other Seller ID
  • New Fields in Customer Master
    • VAT Registration Number
    • Other Buyer ID
  • New Options
    • Upload Sale Invoice
    • Upload Sale Return
    • Upload Customer Debit
    • Upload Credit Note



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