What's New - Version 6.0.25

Release Date : 18 Nov 2021

1. Online Approval via WhatsApp (Enhanced)
Receive Proforma Invoices, Quotations and Sale Invoices via WhatsApp direct on your mobile, open the PDF and tap on “Approve”. That is it!
Here are the many benefits:

  • Approve documents on the go, direct from your mobile
  • Automatic Push Notifications via WhatsApp
  • Customisable WhatsApp Cover Notes for Maker Checker via WhatsApp
  • No need to check emails
  • View the documents exactly as your customer will receive them
  • Buttons Available: Approve / Keep Pending / Cancel & Reject

  • Sign up for the FACT ERP.NG WhatsApp Value Added Service today!
  • Click on “Web Cockpit” on the top right corner of FACT Home Page
2. Approve Documents direct from Web Cockpit  (Enhanced)
Approve Documents from Web Cockpit directly
Here are the many benefits:

  • Approve documents directly from your Web Browser
  • Approve from your handheld (iPad, Android Tablet) from the car or airport
  • No need to log into your email
  • Buttons Available: Approve / Keep Pending / Cancel & Reject
3. Auto Journal Voucher (Posting Details) Window (Enhanced)
Amazing Visibility: see “Auto Journal Voucher Details” instantly – simply click on “JV” Button from

  • Home Screen or when you Modify
    • Contra Voucher
    • Cash/Bank Voucher
    • Customer Receipt/Payment
    • Vendor Receipt/Payment
4. New Option in Salary Statement / Ichiban Payroll Guru (Enhanced)
Uncheck to Hide column having Zero values for all the Employees

  • Show Zero Value
5. Cash/Bank Books Balance As On Date (Enhanced)
New Option

  • Exclude Dormant Cash/Bank Code
6. Merged Companies Reports (Enhanced)
New Option in All Merged Company Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account & Balance Sheet

  • Show Zero Balances
7. Batch Auto Numbering in Product Master (Enhanced)
Mapping of same “Batch Auto Numbering Scheme” possible for Multiple Products / Batch Numbers will be Auto Populated for

  • Purchase D/O (GRN)
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Finished Goods Received
8. New Confirmation Action to Avoid Accidental Exit (Enhanced)
Bid goodbye to lost entries when you mistakenly click “Cancel & Exit”, “Escape” or “Cross (X) Button” in

  • Cash/Bank & Journal Voucher
  • Sale Order & Sale Invoice
  • Purchase Order & Purchase Invoice
  • Acquisition (Purchase) of Fixed Assets & Disposal (Sale) of Fixed Assets
  • Stock Transfer
9. New Agent Wise Customer Ageing Report (New)
• Generate Customer Ageing Report by Salesman (Agent)
10. More Powerful “Sales Data Dump” Report (Enhanced)
New Options in Include Transactions in Sales Data Dump Report

  • Sale D/Os
  • Customer Debit Notes
  • Customer Credit Notes
  • Customer Receipts
  • Customer Payments
  • Party Journals
11. More Powerful “Purchase Data Dump” Report (Enhanced)
New Options in Include Transactions in Purchase Data Dump Report

  • Purchase D/Os (GRN)
  • Vendor Debit Notes
  • Vendor Credit Notes
  • Vendor Receipts
  • Vendor Payments
  • Party Journals
12. Richer “Purchase Return” in Purchase Data Dump Report (Enhanced)
Purchase Return will also display (where available)

  • Connected Vendor Invoice Number and Vendor Invoice Date
13. More Powerful Customer Receipts & Payments Data Dump Reports (Enhanced)
New Fields added in Customer Receipts & Customer Payments Data Dump Reports

  • Agent (Salesman) Code
  • Agent (Salesman) Name
14. New “Salesman (Agent)” Field in Sale Transactions (Enhanced)
“Salesman (Agent)” Field Added in (used in Agent Wise Customer Ageing Report)

  • Customer Receipt/Payment
  • Customer Debit & Credit Note
  • Party Journal
  • Customer Opening (Receipt, Debit Note & Credit Note)
15. More Control in Stock Transfer (Enhanced)
Maker Checker (Online Approval) now possible for

  • Stock Transfer
16. More Powerful Document Printing (Enhanced)
New Option “Exclude Cancelled Document“ Added in Document Printing for

  • Sale Invoice & Sale Return
  • Customer Credit Note & Debit Note
  • Purchase Invoice & Purchase Return
  • Vendor Debit Note & Credit Note
17. Yet More Powerful Document Designer (Enhanced)
Print Salesman (Agent) Code & Salesman (Agent) Name in

  • Sale Return
  • Customer Receipt & Payment
  • Customer Credit Note & Debit Note
  • Customer Cheque
  • Party Journal
  • Sale Return of Fixed Assets
18. Landed Costing (Import Costing) (Enhanced)
New Option allows Creation of Multiple “Supplementary Charge Names” when mapping “Product Level Terms”

  • Default Display Names Added (you may add, modify or delete)
  • “Child Invoice or Supplementary Invoice” Amounts will be displayed in these Columns when tagged to a Master Purchase Invoice
  • Examples: Customs Import Duty, Freight, Clearing Charges, Bank Commission, Warehousing Charges, Local Freight etc
  • Define which “Stock Products” these supplementary charges will be applicable on (useful when charges such as Customs Duty are not applicable on all products being imported)
  • Possible to map Multiple “Stock Products” to the same column
Note: Landed Costing (L/C) Report displays “Supplementary Charge Names” individually
19. Refreshed & Cleaner Interface (Enhanced)
Enjoy the pastel colour coordinated screens, highlighted to make navigation yet easier on the eye

  • General Ledger/Cash/Bank – Entry – Contra Voucher
20. Web Cockpit (Enhanced)
UDFs (User Defined Fields) now displayed in following Cards

  • Salesman (Agent) & Purchaser (Agent)
  • Customer, Vendor, Product, Cost Center, Employee & Project
  • Journal Voucher Card
  • Proforma Invoice, Sale Order, Sale D/O, Sale Invoice & Sale Return
  • Customer Payment, Receipt, Debit Note & Credit Note
  • Party Journal
  • Indent/Requisition, Purchase Inward Quotation, Purchase Order, Purchase D/O (GRN), Purchase Invoice & Purchase Return Card
  • Vendor Payment, Receipt, Debit Note & Credit Note
  • Manufacturing Order, Production Issue, Production Issue Return & Consumption Issue
  • Finished Goods Received & Finished Goods Returned
  • Stock Adjustment & Stock Transfer
21. Stock Transfer Order (Enhanced)
Following Columns now visible in “Stock Transfer Order” Home Screen

  • Outstanding Amount
  • Shipment (%)
22. Ichiban Payroll Guru (New)
New Report Added “Leave Statement Report”

  • Shows detailed Opening Balance, Accrued, Availed and Balance in Hand for each Leave Type
23. Compliance Configuration (Enhanced)
Send Compliance Reminders to Customers and Vendors as well

  • Select Email ID of Customers and Vendors in
    • Compliance Reminders
    • Compliance Escalations
24. Web Cockpit – Reports (New)
Powerful New Report Added

  • Stock Valuation (COGS)
    • All 4 Methods (FIFO, LIFO, Weighted Average and Standard Cost) are displayed
25. Stock Ageing Report (Enhanced)
New Option Added : “Product Group Wise”

  • Works even when “Warehouse Wise Stock Valuation” has been set in System Controls
26. Parent Company / Child Companies (via Merged Companies) (Enhanced)
Automatically Copy newly Added Masters from Parent Company into Child Companies

  • General Ledger Codes (Chart of Accounts)
  • Customers
  • Vendors
27. “Avery” Weigh Bridge Integration with Purchase D/O (GRN) (New)
Purchase D/O (GRN) now automatically captures “Weigh Bridge” data (via API) at Line (Product) Level

  • Ticket Number
  • Ticket Date
  • Truck Number
  • Delivery Order Weight
  • Actual Weight
28. Inventory Tile / CXO Control Tower (Enhanced)
New Columns added under “Finished Goods Produced”

  • Raw Materials Cost
  • Other Costs
29. Factory Inventory Tile /CXO Control Tower  (Enhanced)
View “Raw Materials Used” by

  • Raw Materials
  • Finished Goods
30. Sale Orders Outstanding /CXO Control Tower  (Enhanced)
Month Wise Graphical Display of

  • Sale Order Vs Shipment
31. Ichiban Payroll Guru (Enhanced)
Auto Journal Posting enhanced for “Consolidated Auto Journal Voucher” setting

  • Auto Journal from Payslip Generation will be posted as a Single Journal even if different Document Classes have been entered in the payroll transactions
32. Vendor Debit/Credit Note (Enhanced)
Now enter Vendor Document Number & Date as well

  • Vendor Debit/Credit Note Number
  • Vendor Debit/Credit Note Date
Note for All Users: Above fields now available in Document Designer and Report Writer
Note for India Users: GSTR-2 Report now displays and validates above as well
33. Richer “Stock Adjustment” Home Screen (Enhanced)
Track User Information in “Stock Adjustment” Home Screen

  • Created By (User Name)
  • Created Date
  • Modified By (User Name)
  • Modified Date
34. “Multi Company Customer Ageing Reports” Added (Enhanced)
Generate “Multi Company Customer Ageing Reports” via Merged Companies

  • Detailed & Detailed with Six Columns
  • Net Balance & Net Balance Ageing
  • Net Balance with Six Columns & Net Balance with Twelve Columns
  • Net Subtotal Ageing & Net Subtotal Ageing with Six Columns
  • Summary & Summary with Six Columns
35. Security Rights Grouping – Stock Transfer (Enhanced)
New Security Right Added: “View Rate”

  • Grant “View Stock Transfer Rate” visibility to selected Users (similar to View Buying Rate in Purchase transactions)
36. Web Cockpit – Approvals Pending (Enhanced)
New Tile Added: Stock Transfer
37. Form GSTR-3B (Enhanced)

Applicable for India Only

Generate GSTR-3B for Multiple Months at one go
38. Form GSTR-1 (Enhanced)

Applicable for India Only

New Option Added in Parameters: Exception (will report following if selected)

  • Mismatch Found between Tax Amount and Taxable Amount multiplied by GST %age
  • Mismatch between CGST/SGST and IGST when verified with “State Code”
  • Mismatch between GST % and GST Amount when verified with GST Type
39. GSTR-2 Reconciliation with GSTR-2A & GSTR-2B (Enhanced)

Applicable for India Only

New Columns Added in GSTR-2

  • Purchase D/O (GRN) Number
  • Purchase D/O (GRN) Date
Above Fields are available in following Tabs (for easier reconciliation)

  • GSTR-2 > Section Name : Summary of Supplies from Registered Suppliers B2B (3) > zoom for details
  • GSTR-2A not reconciled with GSTR-2
  • GSTR-2B not reconciled with GSTR-2
  • GSTR-2A reconciled with GSTR-2
  • GSTR-2B reconciled with GSTR-2
  • Available in GSTR-2 but not found in GSTR-2A (Including not reconciled)
  • Available in GSTR-2A but not found in GSTR-2
  • Available in GSTR-2 but not found in GSTR-2B (Including not reconciled)
  • Available in GSTR-2B but not found in GSTR-2
40. QR Code Printing on B2C GST Invoices (New)

Applicable for India Only

As per Govt of India Notification, taxpayers having an aggregate turnover of more than INR 500 Crores have to include a Dynamic Quick Response (QR) code mandatorily in the B2C Invoices issued by them. We are delighted to release this as an integrated feature in FACT ERP.NG.
New Fields Added in General Ledger Master / Home Currency Bank Code

  • Receiver Virtual Payment Address
  • Receiver Name
Document Designer – Sale Invoice

  • Controls Added to print QR Code
New Default Sale Invoice Designs Added

  • Sale Invoice – GST (Global Level) with UPI QR Code
  • Sale Invoice – GST (Product Level) with UPI QR Code
Note: Engage our Delivery Specialists for expert assistance
41. Ichiban Payroll Guru (Enhanced)

Applicable for India Only

Manual Entry of TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) Amount now possible via New Head of Pay (HOP)

  • TDS Manual = Yes / No
42. Ichiban Payroll Guru (Enhanced)

Applicable for India Only

Auto Journal posting for TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) Deduction from monthly salary will be posted Slab Wise

  • Total Income is less than INR 50 Lakhs
  • Total Income is greater or equal to INR 50 Lakhs and below INR 1 Crore
  • Total is greater or equal to INR 1 Crore
43. Ichiban Payroll Guru (Enhanced)

Applicable for India Only

Labour Welfare Fund (LWF) added in Payroll Taxes Engine for “Haryana” State

  • Employer’s Contribution
  • Employee’s Contribution
  • Interest on Delayed LWF Payment (to be paid by Employer)
44. Merged Companies – Customer Invoice Register Report (Enhanced)

Applicable for India Only

Following Fields made available

  • Document Number
  • IRN Acknowledgment Number
  • IRN Acknowledgment Date
  • IRN
  • QR Code
Note: Place above fields in Report Design to view. Engage our Delivery Specialists for expert assistance

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