What's New - Version 6.0.23

Release Date : 23 Aug 2021

CXO Control Tower

(New / Enhanced)

A. New Tile – Projects

  • Total Value of All Projects
  • Sale Invoices Raised
  • Received from Customers
  • Total of Costs
  • Total Unbilled Time Sheets Amount
B. Document Vault

  • Add Attachments at Company Level as well
C. Compliance Notification

  • Add Compliance Configurations & Access Document Vault directly from here
D. Sales / Accounts Receivable Position – Sales

  • Ageing Added for Sale Invoices, Debit Notes, Payments, Credit Notes, Receipts
  • Email Window
    • Select Email Addresses from Customer Contacts
    • Select Email Addresses from FACT Users
    • To and Cc Options
E. Sales / Accounts Receivable Position – Receivable from Customers

  • Ageing Added for Sale Invoices, Debit Notes, Payments, Credit Notes, Receipts
F. Sales / Accounts Receivable Position – Sale Orders Outstanding

  • New Parameter Added: Outstanding Only
G. Sale Invoice Card

  • Salesman (Agent) Code and Name Added
H. Purchases / Accounts Payable Position

  • New Option Added: Outstanding Indents/Requisitions
I. Purchases / Accounts Payable Position – Purchases

  • Ageing Added for Purchase Invoices, Debit Notes, Payments, Credit Notes, Receipts
J. Purchases / Accounts Payable Position – Payable to Vendors

  • Ageing Added for Purchase Invoices, Debit Notes, Payments, Credit Notes, Receipts
  • New Parameters Added: Include Opening, Balance Amount, Purchase Invoice Status, Vendor Code, Purchaser (Agent) Code
K. Purchases / Accounts Payable Position > Purchase Orders Outstanding

  • New Parameter Added: Outstanding Only
L. Customer / Vendor Card

  • New Field Added: Status (Active/Dormant)
2. Powerful “Landed Costing (L/C) Report”


Landed Costing (L/C) Report is a super powerful addition and allows you to

  • Allocate supplementary charges (via Service Products) incurred on imports, proportionately on Line Level Amounts or specifically to each Line Level
  • Set up your own Column Names for supplementary charges
  • Set up Sequence of Display for supplementary charges
  • Capture Letter of Credit (L/C) details in Purchase Order
New Tab in Product Master: Landed Costing (L/C)

  • Display Names Added in default (you may add, modify or delete)
  • “Child Invoice or Supplementary Invoice” Amounts will be displayed in these Columns when tagged to a Master Purchase Invoice
  • Examples: Customs Import Duty, Freight, Clearing Charges, Bank Commission, Warehousing Charges, Local Freight etc
  • Define which “Stock Products” these supplementary charges will be applicable on (useful when charges such as Customs Duty are not applicable on all products being imported)
  • Possible to map Multiple “Service Products” to the same column
Landed Costing (L/C) Report

  • Generate from Web Cockpit-Reports-Landed Costing (L/C) Report
    • Letter of Credit (L/C) Wise or Master Purchase Invoice Wise
  • “Child Invoice or Supplementary Invoice” Amounts will be allocated proportionately on the “Stock Product” Amounts
  • To allocate expenses of the “Child Invoices or Supplementary Invoices” specifically on certain products in the Master Purchase Invoice, set up Invoice Term at Line Level and the report will pick it up accordingly
  • This report disregards the setting in System Controls-Stock Valuation-Basis of Landed Cost Calculation
3. Web Cockpit / Inventory


Enjoy “Material In/Out Register” through the blazing fast and colour coded Web Browser Interface

  • New Tile: Material In/Out Register
    • Displays 2nd Quantity (picked up from “Double Quantity”) also
    • Drill Down into all Documents
4. Welcome to the New & Improved Credit Limit (Bank Facility)


Enjoy the yet more powerful Credit Limit (Bank Facility) in both Master and Entries

  • New Columns Added in GL Master-Cash/Bank Books-Credit Limit (Bank Facility) Window
    • Remarks
    • Sanction Number
    • Sanction Date
    • Expiry Date
    • Attachment
  • New Columns Added in GL Master-Cash/Bank Books – “Cash/Bank Book Code” Help Window
    • Total Limit Available
    • Details of Credit Limit (Bank Facility) – Clickable Button
      • Sanctioned Limit
      • Booked Credit Limit
      • Credit Limit Available
      • Used Limit
      • Balance Amount
  • New Columns Added in “Auto Popup Box for Credit Limit (Bank Facility)” at GL Bank Entry and Vendor Payment Entry
    • Credit Limit Sanctioned
    • Credit Limit Booked
    • Credit Limit Available
    • Credit Limit Used
    • Credit Limit Not Yet Used
  • New Reminder Configuration Added in System-Configuration
    • Repayment Due Dates Notification Configuration
    • This works in a similar manner as “PDC Reminders”
    • Set up Number of Days prior to which the Auto Popup Box should be fired
  • New Report Added in General Ledger/Cash/Bank-Reports-Cash/Bank Reports-Bank Limit
    • Repayment Due Dates
  • “Credit Status Report” is much more informative
    • Generate via General Ledger/Cash/Bank-Reports-Cash/Bank Reports-Bank Limit
      • Only Banks with Bank Limits will be displayed
      • Credit Limit, Used Limit and Balance Limit made visible
      • Drill Down to transactions
5. Group Wise Ageing Analysis Reports


New Ageing Reports added in MIS Reports – Ageing

  • Customer Group Wise
  • Vendor Group Wise
6. Stock Ledger – Product Wise – Detail


  • Save time, trees, printer toner and paper
    • New Option Added: Suppress Zero Balances
7. Product (Converted) Quantity in Data Dump Reports


  • New Field Added in Purchase & Sales Data Dump Reports
    • Product Stock (Converted) Quantity
8. Project Master


New Row Added: Customer Receipt

  • Displays Total Amount of Customer Receipts for Projects
  • Drill Down to view individual Customer Receipts
9. Foreign Currency Entries made much easier


Enjoy the brand new and refreshed interface when entering Foreign Exchange Rates in

  • Contra Entry
  • General Ledger Payment & Receipt
  • Purchase Inward Quotation, Purchase Order, Purchase D/O (GRN), Purchase Invoice, Purchase Return, Vendor Receipt, Vendor Payment, Vendor Debit Note, Vendor Credit Note and Dishonoured Cheques
  • Proforma Invoice, Quotation, Sale Order, Sale D/O, Sale Invoice, Customer Receipt, Customer Payment, Customer Debit, Customer Credit Note and Dishonoured Cheques
  • Party Journal (Customer & Vendor)
10. Combined Ledger (Customer & Vendor)


  • Select Multiple Customers and Vendors in this powerful report
  • New Options Added in Selection Window: Tag All, Untag All, Invert
11. Customer Master Listing shows “Assigned Users”


Identify which Users have Access to which Customers

  • New Parameter Added: Show Assigned Users (as Tagged in Customer Master) if “Activate User Wise Customer Access Control” = Yes in System Controls-Miscellaneous Tab
  • New Columns Added:
    • User ID
    • User Name
12. Pending CRM Activities Window – Auto Pop Up


  • New Option Added: “Show this Box at Login”
13. “Currency Code” Added in Terms Breakup Register Reports


  • “Currency Code” Added in
    • Sale Invoice Terms Breakup Register
    • Sale Return Terms Breakup Register
    • Purchase Invoice Terms Breakup Register
    • Purchase Return Terms Breakup Register
14. “Wastage” Column Added in Raw Material Reconciliation Report


  • New Column Added: Wastage
    • Raw Material Consumption Report is now more accurate with “Wastage” also being reported in a separate column
15. Maker Checker Post Approval System


Online Maker-Checker (Approval) for Purchase Indent/Requisition, Purchase Order and Sale Order is yet more powerful

  • Checker will now see only those documents which are pending for approval by Checker
    • Example: According to the Approval Rule, if the document can be approved by either Checker 1 or 2, as soon as Checker 1 approves it, the document will move to “Done” Folder for Checker 2
16. Super Powerful “User Wise Active Date Range”


Now Assign “Active Date Range” for Entries for Each User

  • New Module Added: System-Preferences-User Wise Active Date Range
    • Assign Each User a different “Active Date Range”
    • New Users will be assigned “Active Date Range” from System-Preferences-Active Date Range (you may edit it)
17. UDF Setting before generating Sales and Purchase Data Dump Reports


Report Generation becomes faster now
  • New Parameters Added in Sales and Purchase Data Dump Reports
    • Global Level User Defined Fields (UDFs)
    • Line Level User Defined Fields (UDFs)
18. MPS Plan Code in Manufacturing Order (MO) Entry


  • New Field Added: MPS Plan Code
19. Modify Global UDF Values in Manufacturing Order


  • Modification of Global UDF Values of Parent Manufacturing Order (MO) possible even after “Action” has been triggered
20. Attachments Added in Purchase Return


  • Attach Multiple Documents in Purchase Return from
    • Local Drive / Google Drive
21. E-Way Bill in Purchase Return

-Applicable for India only

  • Added: Upload & Cancel E-Waybill from Purchase Return
22. Ichiban Payroll Guru – Reports

-Applicable for India Only

  • New Reports Added
    • Monthly Provident Fund Report
    • Monthly ESIC Contribution Report
    • Labour Welfare Fund Report
    • PF ECR Report
    • Monthly Professional Tax Report
    • Bank Advice Report
23. Ichiban Payroll Guru – Payslip

-Applicable for Malaysia Only

  • Leave Encashment Calculation changed as per guidelines of Malaysian Employment Law
  • Calculation of “Payment in Lieu of Annual Leave” is now based on Wages at “Ordinary Rate of Pay” (ORP) ieMonthly Rate of Pay———————-26 days= 1 ORP
24. GST – India

-Applicable for India only

  • Added: New GST State Code = 38 for Ladakh
25. IBG – OCBC Bank Singapore

-Applicable for Singapore only

  • Added: New IBG Bank = OCBC Bank
26. Import of Debit and Credit Note

-Applicable for Singapore only

  • New Field Added: Tax Code (SCODE) in
    • Customer Debit Note
    • Customer Credit Note
    • Vendor Debit Note
    • Vendor Credit Note
27. InvoiceNow (PEPPOL)

-Applicable for Singapore only

InvoiceNow is yet more powerful
  • New Field Added in Company-InvoiceNow (PEPPOL) Tab: “Vendor ID”
  • New Field Added in Customer Master: “AGD Business Unit (PEPPOL)”
  • New Caption in Sale Invoice-Shipping Address Tab: “Attention To” (replaces Contact Person)
  • Prefix Field of PEPPOL ID now editable in
    • Company-InvoiceNow (PEPPOL) tab
    • Customer Master
    • Vendor Master
Following the values entered in Vendor ID of Company, InvoiceNow (PEPPOL) and AGD Business Unit (PEPPOL) of Customer Master, following fields have been introduced in UBL/XML File when uploading to PEPPOL SFTP Server from Sale Invoice:

  • cbc:BuyerReference
  • cac:AccountingCustomerParty\cac:Party\cac:Contact\cbc:Name
  • cac:AccountingSupplierParty\cac:Party\cac:PartyLegalEntity\cbc:CompanyID
  • cac:AccountingSupplierParty\cac:Party\cac:Contact\cbc:ElectronicMail
  • cac:PaymentTerms\cbc:Note
  • cbc:Note
28. TDS Form 26Q Sports a Refreshed & Cleaner Interface

-Applicable for India only

  • Enjoy the brand new, easy on the eye TDS Form 26Q screen
    • Generate the TXT File direct from FACT ERP.NG and upload to TDS Portal (TRACES)
29. Higher TDS/TCS Rate under Section 206AB & 206CCA wef 01 July 2021

-Applicable for India only

  • Another Step in Full Automation of TDS/TCS Management
    • New Option in Vendor Master & Sub Ledger Account Confirmation
      • “Tax Return Filed in Preceding 2 Years” = Yes/No
    • If above = No, Higher of “Double of Standard Rate” or 5% will be used automatically (wef 01 July 2021)
    • Applicable in: GL Payment Voucher, Journal Voucher, Purchase Invoice, Vendor Debit Note, Vendor Payment
30. “TIN Number” Added in Data Dump Reports

-Applicable for United Arab Emirates only

  • “TIN Number” (Tax Identification Number) Added in
    • Sales Data Dump
    • Purchase Data Dump

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