Enjoy an integrated solution for all your payroll needs with Ichiban Payroll Guru.

Seamlessly integrated with FACT ERP.NG. No more syncing, no more exporting/importing payroll data.


Payroll transactions are posted automatically in FACT ERP.NG, by Division, by Department and by Employee. No extra work!


Your company's payroll rules can be configured in Ichiban Payroll Guru and Automatic Payroll Taxes Calculation (PF, CPF, ESI, Profession Tax, TDS, SINDA etc) will take your productivity levels to an all-time high. Enjoy the crisp dashboards and drill down from anywhere you wish.


As we continue to add yet more power to Ichiban Payroll Guru, get started on it today. 

Here are some highlights :

  • Employee Master (capture extensive details)

  • Multiple Attendance Calendars

  • Multiple Pay Structures

  • Multiple Leave Structures

  • Holiday Calendar

  • Masters for Division, Department, Employee Category, Designation and Salutation

  • Automatic Payslip Generation

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White Papers

Know Why A Payroll Software Is Indispensable For SMEs

Every month the stress of payroll process builds upon the payroll admin or the HR department. There are many intrinsic functions such as calculating employee attendance and leaves, employee taxes and creating pay structure according to the designations. It is true that payroll is a complex yet unavoidable matter for any company. Late salary payment due to unfinished payroll procedure or an error in the numbers can genuinely hinder the trust between the company and its employees. It can also create an unnecessary workload for the HR managers resulting in work till wee hours. Knowing the payroll procedures, tax regulations and administrative requirements are crucial for a smooth payroll process.