What's New - Version 6.0.21

Release Date : 25 Jun 2021

CXO Control Tower

Adversity is the fuel for greatness

Spurred by the pandemic, inspired by the “Marwari Parta” system and fueled by ground-breaking technology, the CXO Control Tower with inbuilt GRC Control is a once-in-a-lifetime achievement. This is the result of our blood, sweat and tears.

No setup required. Works straight out of the box with zero training. What’s more, CXO Control Tower has been activated automatically for all users, based on the already assigned User Access Rights.

You have read multiple news articles on “Data is the New Oil”. Now you have the power to do “3D Modelling” on your data, direct from CXO Control Tower. Run your entire operations from a single screen. Go forth and conquer every challenge you have been facing, especially over the past months.

Note to Bosses: Encourage your colleagues to stay logged in CXO Control Tower and see a meteoric rise in their productivity. Help them grow professionally and see them contribute to your company’s growth with CXO Control Tower. Reward every team member with a promotion and a raise.

The inbuilt GRC (Governance Risk & Compliance) module relegates compliance defaults to history. Real-time monitoring ensures statutory, general and employee related compliances are always on track. Locate all documents and attachments in milliseconds via the inbuilt “Document Vault”.

Please accept CXO Control Tower as our humble gift to you to combat these uncertain times. We will continue to break new ground and exceed expectations!​

  1. New Invoice Due Date Reports Added (New)
  • Invoice Due Date Wise with Customer Groups
  • Invoice Due Date Wise with Vendor Groups

(Accounts Receivable – Sales – Reports – MIS Reports – Ageing – Customers – Invoice Due Date Wise with Customer Groups)
(Accounts Payable – Purchases – Reports – MIS Reports – Ageing – Vendors – Invoice Due Date Wise with Vendor Groups)​

  1. New Field Added in Sales Data Dump Report (Enhanced)
  • Shipping Address Company
    • Shipping Address Company Name displayed for Sale Invoice

(Accounts Receivable – Sales – Reports – Sales Data Dump)

(Auditor’s Toolbox – Sales Data Dump)

  1. Company Creation and Data Restoration (Enhanced)

Decide if you wish to deactivate following “Schedulers” as soon as you Add New Company or Restore Data

  • Recurring Sale Invoice
  • Recurring Journal Voucher
  • Recurring Cash/Bank Voucher

(System – Company – New)
(Server Utility)

  1. Contact Details (Enhanced)

New Fields Added in Contacts of Customer and Vendor

  • Shop/Area
  • Department
  • Division
  • Responsibility

(Masters – Customers / Vendors – Customers)
(Masters – Customers / Vendors – Vendors)

  1. CRM – Contacts (Enhanced)

New Fields Added

  • Shop / Area
  • Division
  • Responsibility

Note: Configure these fields from CRM – Manage – Module Configuration through ‘Interface Builder’ of Contact

(CRM – Entry – Contacts)​

  1. System Controls (Enhanced)

New Field added in Purchase Tab / set this to “Block” to prevent entry of Duplicate Vendor Invoice Number in Purchase Invoice

  • Duplicate Vendor Invoice Number

(System – Preferences – System Controls)

  1. Vendor (Enhanced)

New “Bank Details” Tab added in Vendor Master

(Masters – Customers / Vendors – Vendors)

  1. Data Dump Reports (Enhanced)

Easy to detect Duplicate “Invoice Term Description”

  • New Message introduced with Status and Action

(Accounts Receivable – Sales – Reports – Sales Data Dump)
(Accounts Payable – Purchases – Reports – Purchase Data Dump)

  1. Document Import (Enhanced)

“Date Wise” Import possible from SQL Database

  • Applicable for all Entry Modules, except Bill of Materials (BOM)

(Utility – Import)

  1. Mass Change UOM easier to use in Product Master (Enhanced)
  • Help Window introduced in “Old UOM” and “New UOM”
    • “Existing Product UOM” is displayed in “Old UOM Help Window”
    • “GSTN Provided UOM” is displayed in “New UOM Help Window”

(Masters – Items / Products – Products)

  1. Masters – Transporter (Enhanced)

Enter as follows (select in “Transport Tab in Sale Invoice)

  • Transporter ID
  • Transporter Name

(Masters – Transporter)

  1. Finished Goods Received – Raw Material Cost Breakup (Enhanced)
  • Drill Down from “Returned Column”
    • Shows “Issue Returned Breakup”
  • Drill Down from “Issue Returned Breakup” to show
    • Issue Return Number
    • Product Code
    • Product Description
    • Cost Center Code
    • Cost Center Name

(Inventory Warehousing – Entry – Finished Goods – Received)

  1. Normal Sub Ledger – Detail Reports (Enhanced)

New Columns give you total control over each transaction

  • Currency Code
  • Currency Rate
  • Foreign Currency Amount
  • Home Currency Amount
  • Closing in Home Currency

(General Ledger/Cash/Bank – Reports – General Ledger – Normal Sub Ledger – Detail)

  1. Fixed Asset Opening (New)

New Module / To enter Opening Balances of “Fixed Asset Type” Products

  • Fixed Asset Opening

(Masters – Opening Balances – Fixed Asset Opening)

  1. New Field Added in 3 Modules (Enhanced)

“UOM” Field makes modules easier to understand

  • UOM (Unit of Measurement)
    • Masters – Items/Products – Warehouse
    • FamilyWealthGuru – Custodian Master
    • Masters – Opening Balances – Product Opening
  1. “Finished Goods Register Received” Report (Enhanced)

New Fields in “Finished Goods Register Received” Report makes it much easier to understand and reconcile

  • Raw Material Cost
  • Other Costs
  • Total Manufactured Cost

(Inventory Warehousing – Reports – Finished Goods Register – Received)

  1. Minimum Cash Balance Control Added (Enhanced)

Enter “Cash Book Minimum Balance” in Chart of Accounts for Cash Book (similar to Bank Book) Set up “Warn”, “Block” or “Ignore” for above via System Controls – P&L and Cash Book

  • Control “Cash Book Minimum Balance” when entering Cash Book Payment/Receipt transactions

(Masters – Chart of Accounts – General Ledger)

(System – Preferences – System Control)

  1. Fixed Asset Reports more informative and easier to interpret (Enhanced)

New Field Added

  • Additional Product Description
    • Fixed Asset Register
    • Fixed Asset Ledger

(Fixed Assets – Reports – Fixed Asset Register)
(Fixed Assets – Reports – Fixed Asset Ledger)

  1. Credit Line (Bank Facility) (Enhanced)

New Types of Bank Limit/Credit Facility Added gives you full control over Bank Limit/Credit Facility Management

  • Bank Guarantee (BG)
  • Acceptance Liability (AL)
  • Bridge Gap Loan (BGL)
  • Medium Term Loan (MTL)
  • Short Term Loan – Clean / Demand Loan (STL/DL)
  • Import Loan/Short Term Loan – Inner / Working Capital Loan (STL/WCL)
  • Trust Receipt – Local Currency (TR)
  • Trust Receipt – Foreign Currency (FC-TR)
  • Over Draft (OD)
  • Force Loan (FL)
  • Cash Credit (CC)
  • Term Loan (TL)

(Masters – Chart of Accounts – General Ledger)

  1. Utility – Diagnostics (Enhanced)

Easier to understand Diagnostic Option & New Option

  • ‘Stock Control’ renamed to ‘Opening Stock – Stores Control’
  • New Option Added to help you reconcile Opening Stock of Raw Materials with Factory
    • ‘Opening Stock – WIP Control’

(Utility – Diagnostics)

  1. Refreshed & Cleaner Interface (Enhanced)

Enjoy the pastel colour coordinated screens, highlighted to make navigation yet easier on the eye

  • System – Company – New, Modify, Delete
  • Masters – Salesmen/Agents, Interest Rates-General Ledger Interest Rates, Sub Ledger Interest Rates, Customer Interest Rates, Vendor Interest Rates, Account Confirmation-General Ledger Account Confirmation, Sub Ledger Account Confirmation, Currency Rates, Closing/Production Rates-Closing, Production, Invoice Terms-Sales, Purchase, Opening Balances – Budgets/Last Year, Product Budgets (Product Wise), User Defined Fields-Document Class, Copy Codes from another Company, Items/Products-Warehouse, Opening Balances-Unreconciled Vouchers
  • Accounts Receivable – Sales-Entry-Party Journal, Purchases-Entry-Party Journal, Procurement Wizard
  • Inventory Warehousing-Entry-Adjustment of Stock-Stock Conversion, Transfer of Stock-Stock Transfer Order
  • Fixed Assets-Entry-Transfer of Fixed Assets, Trading Stock to Fixed Assets, Depreciation Calculation-Generation & Post, Depreciation Calculation-Undo Post
  • Auditor’s Toolbox-GST-Form GSTR-1 (applicable for India Only)
  • Statutory-Reports-GST-Form GSTR-1 (applicable for India Only)
  • FamilyWealthGuru-Custodian Master
  1. Refreshed & Cleaner Interface / Parameter Boxes (Enhanced)

Navigate faster and enjoy the standardised parameter and field names, all designed to give you a yet richer User Experience

  • General Ledger/Cash/Bank – Reports – Trial Balance – Normal Trial Balance, Group Wise Trial Balance, Trial Balance By Document Class Code, Group Wise Trial Balance – Date to Date
  • General Ledger/Cash/Bank – Reports – Profit & Loss Account – Profit & Loss – Complete – Advanced, Profit & Loss – Complete, Profit & Loss – Schedules, Profit & Loss – Date to Date (Complete), Profit & Loss – Date to Date (Schedules), Profit & Loss – Quarter Wise Profit & Loss, Group Wise with Filter – Export Data
  1. New Field Added in Data Dump Reports (Enhanced)

– Applicable for Singapore Only

  • Vendor’s GST Registration Number​

(Accounts Payable – Purchases – Reports – Purchases Order Data Dump)
(Accounts Payable – Purchases – Reports – Receipts Register Data Dump)
(Accounts Payable – Purchases – Reports – Payments Register Data Dump)
(Accounts Payable – Purchases – Reports – Vendor Ledger Data Dump)
(Accounts Payable – Purchases – Reports – MIS Reports – Ageing Vendors Data Dump)
(Auditor’s Toolbox – Ageing Vendors Data Dump)
(Auditor’s Toolbox – Vendor Ledger Data Dump)
(Auditor’s Toolbox – Receipts Register Data Dump – Purchases)
(Auditor’s Toolbox – Payments Register Data Dump – Purchases)
(Auditor’s Toolbox – Purchases Order Data Dump)

  1. New Fields Added in Payments Register Data Dump Report (Enhanced)

– Applicable for Singapore Only

  • IBG Bank Code
  • IBG Bank Name
  • Branch Code
  • Account Number
  • Account Name
  • Bank Identifier Code

(General Ledger/Cash/Bank – Reports – Cash / Bank Reports – Voucher Payment – Payments Register Data Dump)
(Auditor’s Toolbox – Cash / Bank Voucher – Payments Register Data Dump)

  1. PEPPOL Import (Enhanced)

– Applicable for Singapore Only

New Column added while importing PEPPOL Invoice

  • Vendor Invoice Number

(Accounts Payable – Purchases – Entry – Purchase Invoice)

  1. New Field Added in Data Dump Reports (Enhanced)
  • TIN Number (Tax Identification Number)
    • General Ledger Data Dump (applicable for India and Philippines Only)
    • Sales Data Dump (applicable for Philippines Only)
    • Purchase Data Dump (applicable for Philippines Only)

(General Ledger/Cash/Bank – Reports – General Ledger – General Ledger Data Dump)
(Accounts Receivable – Sales – Reports – Sales Data Dump)
(Accounts Payable – Purchases – Reports – Purchase Data Dump)
(Auditor’s Toolbox – General Ledger Data Dump)
(Auditor’s Toolbox – Sales Data Dump)
(Auditor’s Toolbox – Purchase Data Dump)

  1. Ichiban Payroll Guru – Employees (Enhanced)

– Applicable for Malaysia Only

New Functionality Added as per statutory requirement


(Ichiban Payroll Guru – Payroll – Employees)

  1. Sale Invoice (Enhanced)

– Applicable for India Only

Modify following fields even after Sale Invoice has been uploaded to GSTN Server via E-Invoice

  • Global Level UDF
  • Product Level UDF
  • Remarks
  • Attachment

(Accounts Receivable – Sales – Entry – Sale Invoice)

  1. GST Details Information (Enhanced)

– Applicable for India Only

Enter “Trade Name” in Company Information / GST Details Tab

  • “Trade Name” (loaded automatically in E-Invoice Verification Window)

(System – Company)

  1. Automatic GST Input Tax Credit (ITC) Reconciliation with GSTR-2B : GSTR-2 (Enhanced)

pplicable for India only

  • No Third-Party Software Required: Everything happens from within FACT ERP.NG
  • Single-Click opens GST Portal for GSTR 2B Download
  • Automatic GSTR-2 & GSTR-2B Reconciliation
    • Download GSTR-2B from the GST Portal (in JSON File Format)
    • Upload GSTR-2B JSON File in FACT ERP.NG
    • View Mismatches instantly
    • Single-Click Email to Vendors for mismatches
    • No more cumbersome manual reconciliation​

(Statutory – Reports – GST – GSTR-2 Reconciliation with GSTR-2A & GSTR-2B)
(Auditor’s Toolbox – GST – GSTR-2 Reconciliation with GSTR-2A & GSTR-2B)

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