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What's New: Version 6.0.13

Release Date : 07 October 2020 1.FACT ERP.NG - PEPPOL Integration (Enhanced)

- Applicable for Singapore only

  • Product Master

  • Now select following fields for “Service” Type Products when PEPPOL is configured

  • PEPPOL Purchase Unit

  • PEPPOL Sale Unit

  • PEPPOL Stock Unit

(Masters - Items / Products - Products)2.General Ledger Reports (Enhanced)

  • Now available in “Day Book Breakup”

  • Customer Party Journal

  • Vendor Party Journal

(General Ledger/Cash/Bank - Reports - General Ledger - Normal General Ledger - Detail)3.Sale Invoice (Enhanced)

  • Now possible to move “Additional Description” column (at Line Level) when entering Sale Invoice

(Accounts Receivable - Sales - Entry - Sale Invoice)4.Sales Data Dump Report (Enhanced)

  • New Fields available in “Show Summary Report” in Sales Data Dump

  • Packing List Total Gross Weight

  • Packing List Total Net Weight

(Accounts Receivable - Sales - Reports - Sales Data Dump)

(Auditor's Toolbox - Sales Data Dump)5.Sales Data Dump Report (Enhanced)

  • New Fields available in “Show Summary Report” in Sales Data Dump

  • Port Code

  • Port Name

  • Shipping Bill Number

  • Shipping Bill Date

(Accounts Receivable - Sales - Reports - Sales Data Dump)

(Auditor's Toolbox - Sales Data Dump)6.Auto Population of “WhatsApp Number” (Enhanced)

  • When you enter the “Mobile Number”, it will be Auto Populated in “WhatsApp Number” (you may change if required) in

  • Salesmen / Agents Master

  • Employee Master

(Masters - Salesmen / Agents)

(Masters - Employee)7.Product Master (Enhanced)

  • Dormant Product can now be selected in Alternate Product tab

  • Two New Price Lists added in Selling Rates / Multiple Price List

  • Price List 4

  • Price List 5

(Masters - Items / Products - Products)

(Manufacturing - Masters - General - Products)8.Customer Master (Enhanced)

  • The Two Newly added Price Lists (in Product Master) now available in General / Applicable Price List

  • Price List 4

  • Price List 5

((Masters - Customers / Vendors - Customers)9.Stock Valuation – Product Wise (Enhanced)

  • New Column added in Product Group selection option

  • Product Sub Group Name (1st Sub Group displayed only)

  • Visible if Batch wise Stock Valuation has not been selected in System Controls/Stock Valuation

(Inventory Warehousing - Reports - Stock Valuation - Group Wise - Detail)

(Inventory Warehousing - Reports - Stock Valuation - Group Wise - Summary)10.Online Print Window (Enhanced)

  • New WhatsApp Button added in Preview Window

  • Now WhatsApp following documents in PDF Format with Cover Note (as per your text) directly from Preview Window

  • Proforma Invoice / Quotation

  • Sale Delivery Order (D/O)

  • Sale Invoice

  • Customer Receipt / Payment

  • Purchase Order

  • Vendor Receipt / Payment

(Accounts Receivable - Sales - Entry - Proforma Invoice / Quotation)

(Accounts Receivable - Sales - Entry - Sale D/O)

(Accounts Receivable - Sales - Entry - Sale Invoice)

(Accounts Receivable - Sales - Entry - Customer Receipt / Payment)

(Accounts Payable - Purchases - Entry - Purchase Order)

(Accounts Payable - Purchases - Entry - Vendor Receipt / Payment)

11.Finished Goods Received (Enhanced)

  • 'Overwrite BOM Definition' - New Functionality

  • Enter Finished Good Received and select the above as “Yes”

  • All “Raw Materials” consumed are displayed with quantities consumed (as per the Bill of Material (BOM) which is linked to the Finished Good)

  • Possible to increase or decrease the Raw Material quantities consumed

  • Possible to add new Raw Material as well

  • All “Other Costs” are also displayed

  • Possible to increase or decrease these costs

(Inventory Warehousing - Entry - Finished Goods - Received)12.Sale Invoice (Enhanced)

‘Consignee Copy Attached’ - New Functionality added in Remarks

  • Select “Yes” to allow attachment of documents which should be emailed along with Sale Invoice to Customer

  • If above is “Yes”, click on “Attachment” Icon

  • Screen splits into two parts and a new section called “Consignee Copy” is visible

  • Attach all documents you wish to email to Customer automatically with Sale Invoice

  • ‘Consignee Copy Attached’ field may be made visible in Sale Invoice Home Screen as well (Via Add / Remove Fields)

(Accounts Receivable - Sales - Entry - Sale Invoice)13.Trading Stock to Fixed Assets (Enhanced)

  • Addition of Products from Trading Stock to “Addition” to Fixed Asset made simple as per example below

  • Existing Fixed Asset ID = COMP_001 (Desktop Computer)

  • Purchase 2 Hard Disks via Purchase Invoice

  • Transfer above 2 Hard Disks from Trading Stock to Fixed Asset ID = COMP_001

  • Now possible to automatically add above

  • New “JV” Button in Home Screen displays the Auto Journal Voucher Details (automatically numbered with prefix = “TF”)

  • Auto Journal Voucher is displayed if you modify any entry

(Fixed Assets - Entry - Trading Stock to Fixed Assets)14.Proforma Invoice / Quotation (Enhanced)

  • Import Proforma Invoice/Quotation optimized for much faster speed

(Accounts Receivable - Sales - Entry - Proforma Invoice / Quotation)15.Cockpit - Snapshot (New)

- Purchase Snapshot

  • New Options introduced

  • Top N Agents (Purchasers) - Summary

  • Top N Agents (Purchasers) - Detailed

  • Month Wise Purchase Statistics

  • New Option added in Top N Products

  • Consider Product Group

(Cockpit - Snapshot - Purchase - Top N Agents (Purchasers) - Summary)

(Cockpit - Snapshot - Purchase - Top N Agents (Purchasers) - Detailed)

(Cockpit - Snapshot - Purchase - Month Wise Purchase Statistics)16.Cockpit – Snapshot – Air Traffic Control (ATC) (Enhanced)

  • Purchase Air Traffic Control (Data Analytics) introduced

  • Top N Vendors

  • Top N Products

  • Top N Agents (Purchasers)

  • Month Wise Purchase Statistics

(Cockpit - Snapshot - Air Traffic Control)17.FamilyWealthGuru - Asset Master (Enhanced)

  • Bonds and ICD (Inter-Corporate Deposit) - Interest Receivable Auto Posting

  • More Intuitive: fields required to be filled up to generate Auto Entries for Interest Receivable now highlighted in red colour

(FamilyWealthGuru - Asset Master)18.GST E-Invoice for Branch Accounting in FACT ERP.NG (Enhanced)

- Applicable for India only

  • E-Invoice Configuration: New Fields introduced for Branch Wise Computing

  • User Name

  • Password

  • Customer ID

  • Entry - Sale Invoice

  • Uploading of Sale Invoice

  • Uploading of Cancelled Sale Invoice

  • Entry - Sale Return

  • Uploading of Sale Return

  • Entry - Purchase Invoice

  • Import of Purchase Invoice by IRN

  • Entry - Purchase Return

  • Uploading of Purchase Return

(Accounts Receivable - Sales / Entry / Sale Invoice)

(Accounts Receivable - Sales / Entry / Sale Return)

(Accounts Payable - Purchases / Entry / Purchase Invoice)

(Accounts Payable - Purchases / Entry / Purchase Return)19.Entry - Stock Transfer (Enhanced)

- Applicable for India Only

  • Inter-Branch Stock Transfer now seamlessly uploaded as E-Invoice (not third party software required)

  • New Column in Home Screen shows “Uploaded Arrow” once Stock Transfer has been successfully uploaded to GSTIN Invoice Registration Portal (IRP)

(Inventory Warehousing - Entry - Transfer of Stock - Stock Transfer)20.Document Designer - Stock Transfer Default Design (New)

- Applicable for India Only

  • New Design added

  • Stock Transfer - GST with IRN & QR Code

(Masters / Document Designs)

(Inventory Warehousing - Entry - Transfer of Stock - Stock Transfer)21.Product Master - Mass Change UOM (Enhanced)

- Applicable for India Only

  • Available if E-Invoice has been configured

  • New Option “Mass Change UOM”

  • Mass Replace all existing Unit of Measurement (UOM) for Sale, Stock and Purchase as per GST Rules

  • Example: Convert “MT” to “TON”

  • Get ready for E-Invoicing without any hassles

(Masters - Items / Products - Products)22.Sales Data Dump Report (Enhanced)

  • New Fields now available

  • Currency Code

  • Currency Rate

  • Foreign Currency Amount

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