• Medha Basu

How FACT ensures a seamless Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer is the process of transferring technology from the organisation that owns it to another organization. It often occurs when a wider range of users is given access to a product or skill that helps further their development. ERP software is a good example of this, helping businesses improve in their management, productivity and resulting ROI.

Why Technology Transfer is vital to ERP systems

Technology transfer can include the movement of software, knowledge, materials, data, trade secrets or designs. It is one of the most crucial and powerful processes conducted across any industry globally, from universities to businesses. Essentially, technology transfer aids in digital transformation.

ERPs such as FACT ERP.NG are complex systems which simplify a business’ processes through integration into a single software across all departments. Technology transfer is a vital process in ERP implementation and use, from installation to training.

Successful technology transfers in ERPs empowers businesses with increased productivity levels and streamlining. This is what FACT does. FACT ERP.NG users are fully informed throughout the transfer process, aided with a responsive support system throughout. With our technology transfer process, our users can take ownership of the software and start improving their productivity within just 29 days.

How FACT ensures a seamless Technology Transfer

Technology transfer can be divided into three phases : preparation, installation and utilization. FACT ensures that the technology transfer process for your business is smoother than ever, at every phase. We want your team to be empowered, so that you can begin reaping the benefits of FACT ERP.NG at your earliest convenience.

1. Preparation: Full transparency in FACT’s product

We start preparation before you’ve even invested in FACT, because we want to hit the ground running. We do a detailed gap analysis and requirement gathering, and record and share all demos of our software for your reference. FACT priorities your needs from day one – we give you full transparency over our product so that you know the technology you are investing in as well as we do.

2. Installation: Smooth transfer of our ERP technology

ERP implementation is one of the most challenging tasks in the industry. If not done right, your business can face year-long go-live timelines or even data corruption. At FACT, we pride ourselves for our expertise in ERP implementation – we work with you to decide on a date according to your timeline to go live. Complete transparency is given to you during this installation phase.

We don’t make false promises and instead guide you on the technology transfer process of ERP implementation. All your essential business processes go live in just 29 days, after which we continue to perform configurations and improvements to your ERP. Your business will see improved usage at an early stage. We invest in improving your productivity from the get-go with our technology transfer.

3. Utilization: Knowledge at your fingertips

Upon successful implementation, you enter the final utilization phase of technology transfer. We put hand holding out of the equation. We empower you and your staff to take ownership of our software – but we are always there to guide you through the process. FACT gives you access to all previous demo and training recordings, so that you and your staff can easily refer back to them at any given time.

Technology transfer is also made simple when a staff leaves. Our effortless handover process allows you to say goodbye to fretting over a staff leaving and onboarding their replacement.

FACT created a product with a focus on innovation within the ERP industry. It is the knowledge we provide you with during technology transfer, then, which uplifts your business both financially and in terms of productivity.

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