• Medha Basu

GST e-Invoicing is required for companies above 50 Crores turnover; are you ready?

Implement GST e-Invoicing for your business today with FACT ERP.NG

Have you considered how your business will be implementing GST e-Invoicing? Fully automating GST e-Invoicing is the way to go, putting aside any hurdles of manual work.

The government has announced that GST e-Invoicing is mandatory for all entities in India with a turnover of Rs.50 Crores from 1st April 2021. The announcement comes after GST e-Invoicing was made mandatory for larger entities starting October 2020. This implementation will effectively automate and create transparency in sales reporting and minimise errors in data entry work.

FACT GST e-Invoicing Guru can help your business generate e-invoices effortlessly. Fully integrated with FACT ERP.NG, GST e-Invoicing Guru provides you with end-to-end integration and opportunities for collaboration with zero manual work involved. Retrieve your IRN, perform a one-time configuration and start generating e-Invoices seamlessly while FACT does the work for you, automatically calculating GST and more with the click of a button.

Fully automate both e-Invoices and e-Way bills ready to be uploaded onto the GST Portal via API, manage Inter-State Stock Transfers, IRN and QR codes and easily print Sales Invoices with GST e-Invoicing Guru. E-Invoicing has never been simpler.

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