Worried about e-Invoicing?
Effortless generation of e-Invoices

GST E-Invoice with Return Filing Just a click away.

FACT ERP Solutions makes GST compliance not only easy but hassle free as well. Everything is just a click away in a literal manner.

Zero Manual Work

Automate all the invoicing tasks, from invoicing workflows to payment reminders to filing GST e-Invoicing in one go. Sit back while FACT Invoice takes care of them in milliseconds in a few clicks.


Why send separate mail when the invoice generated can be mailed to your clients in real time even via WhatsApp if required. Focus on growing your business while let FACT take care of our background business management.

End-To-End Integration

With GST compliance end-to-end encrypted right from raising the e-invoice with QR code and digital signature to filing return, FACT surely knows how to make the life of both company resources and auditor’s easy.

E-Invoicing system flow:

GST e-Invoicing embedded in FACT ERP.NG

  • Set-up e-Invoice configuration
  • Fill in username, client ID, Password and GSP once while setting up the system initially so that you are able to access the GST portal
  • Under the GST schema, discount and other changes are already mapped with FACT and will be set up one time only
  • Raise the sales invoice from FACT. Instead of filling it again which might lead to errors directly copy it.
  • After that it will automatically start creating the invoice as per GST guidelines wherein quantity can be customised/changed based on the requirement. The total price will change consecutively both product wise and in total keeping in mind the IGST, CGST and GST percentage.
  • Simply upload the invoice from the column mentioned after which GST invoice will be generated automatically with the unique QR code and digital signature interlinked with GSTIN server with FACT ERP Software.
  • Upload it from there itself. Get an identical IRN number from there itself. View it, print it or mail it, whatever is your requirement with just a click.
  • Even from the customer side, even if the purchase invoice can be selected, the same invoice can be fetched from the similar IRN number as sales invoice.
  • With vendor’s GST number, mentioned there, GST return can also be done in that flow from FACT itself.

End-to-End GST compliance only with FACT ERP Software

Features: Third Party ERP Integration with FACT

  • GST Invoicing, GST Return Filing, GSTR2 & GSTR2A Import and Auto Mismatch Reconcilation & Single Click Bulk Emails to Vendors
  • Foolproof TDS Deductions , TDS Return Filing, Form 26AS Import and Auto Mismatch Reconciliation & Single Click Bulk Emails to Customers
  • End-to-End Integrated eInvoicing with auto download and saving of IRN, QR Code and Digitally Signed Invoice
  • End-to-End Integrated eWayBill Upload and saving of relevant data
  • MSME Capture and Single Click MSME-1 Return Generation
  • What's more, you would make huge gains on cash flow as all the GST ITC and TDS Deductions by your customers will always be up-to-date.

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