Top 5 Challenges Exporters Face Every Day

The challenges faced by exporters in their business can deter the exporting process significantly. You need to be informed about the legal norms of the country you are operating in as well the country you are shipping your products to. The documentation requires extra care as a single error can lead your shipment to be blocked at the customs for a loooong time. Talk about unpleasant. Below are a list of challenges to watch out for so you can save yourself from getting caught in the clutches of the export errors vortex!

  1. Payment Terms
    In exports, a very common occurrence is the difference in the payment method when it comes to international trading. Constant assistance is needed when dealing with countries whose fiscal system is different from your own country. Navigating the different currencies and warding off potential monetary losses is a nightmare! One that’s a little too familiar to most exporters. The exchange rates are changing every day and the hour of the transaction determines whether you save on each deal or end up spending more.
  2. Different Legal Norms
    Laws seem ever-changing! Every day, a new law is being passed or is getting amended. To be a successful exporter, it is important to be abreast with the legal norms of the country in which you are operating and to ensure that your business complies with them. Some regulations might end up delaying the export-import process and create financial implications. Few countries have a complex bureaucratic system that dictates certain trade licenses and permits to be mandatory if operating in that country. Also, there is the additional headache of renewing these regularly and keeping up with the ever changing legalities.
  3. Export Documentation errors
    Export documentation is a highly exhaustive process that can make or break your business. All the manual work done by employees is bound to generate errors as the work involves intricate attention to detail. Even a single error can cause huge monetary loss leading to a disastrous situation. But it would be wrong to pin the responsibility to them as the work in itself is complicated and nearly impossible to achieve error free documents by solely depending on manual work. Incorrect documents can slow down the shipment and delay payments. It can land you in a soup with compliance regulations. Incorrect documentation could lead to denial of export privileges, and some violations can also mean legal trouble.
  4. Risk and Uncertainty
    Foreign trade services involve great risk moving from a national to an international destination as there are a number of uncertain factors like fluctuating exchange rates, cultural, legal and linguistic barriers, among others. The uncertainty of the trade makes exporters jittery and wary of stepping into the unknown.
  5. Lack of Information
    The entire exporting process has a lot of logistics to take care of and it might become difficult to manage the documentation, legal norms, permissions and keep it all updated. Lack of information about goods and services can derail the entire process.

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