TaxComplianceGuru Features that will Take Your Business to New Heights

TaxComplianceGuru has been designed to solve tax-related problems such as missed deadlines, penalties and prosecution. The mentioned issues arise due to manual monitoring. TaxComplianceGuru gives you complete control over due dates for all statutory matters in your company. It is a powerful monitoring tool for staff, internal auditor and statutory auditor.

TaxComplianceGuru has some new edge features to smooth out all tax-related work. Let’s have a look at some of the noteworthy features -

  1. Say goodbye to missed due dates and late payment charges. TaxComplianceGuru will cover the following tasks for seamless business operations.
    • GST/VAT/SST return filing
    • GST/VAT/SST payment
    • Withholding Tax (TDS) return filing
    • Withholding Tax (TDS) Payment
    • CPF/EPF/PF return filing
    • CPF/EPF/PF payment
    • Statutory audit
    • Income Tax return filing
    • Annual Return Filing (ROC/ACRA/SSM)
  2. Real-time view of all finance and tax functions via a web browser will make information instantly available at your fingertips. Now you can check updated status from anywhere even when you are not in the office.
    • View compliance status by completed/pending/both
    • Multiple companies/entities in a single view
    • View notification details sent to persons responsible for compliance
    • Real-time tracking of compliance steps (tagging of payment voucher, uploading of attachments etc)
    • View uploaded documents (return submission acknowledgement, tax payment acknowledgement etc)
    • Quick search by compliance name/category
    • Receive individual/consolidated compliance reports via email automatically generate tax filing details on the fly
    • System-defined statutory compliance due dates
  1. Get notified with FACT Alerts on your smartphone:
    • Set up compliance reminders for an unlimited number of companies/entities
    • Due date with the frequency of Next Due Date (monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly)
    • Set up internal compliance dates
    • SMS/Email alerts to selected users
    • Escalation to seniors in case internal due dates are not met
    • Link compliance with a payment voucher (general ledger or vendor)
    • Mandatory multiple upload option of compliance confirmation/payment documents
    • Receive email notification of all completed compliances
    • Reminders stop automatically upon compliance completion
    • Disable option to stop reminders & tracking

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