Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in an ERP System

ERP software is an integrated system that allows your business to manage the entire process in real time. It integrates many sides of a business like operations, back office, manufacturing, planning, marketing, and sales. ERP system is used to gain profitability, manage resources effectively and minimise manual work. The growth in midsize to large organisations in the coming years will likely boost the demand for ERP software.

This year it’s essential to find out all the tools that will give your business a competitive edge over the competitors. This will push you forward to meet the new goals that you have set for your business.

Here, we will break it down why you need integrated ERP software for your business:

  1. ERP is an integrated business module which allows you to track various departments in an organisation. With ERP you will be able to track your core business processes in real time from back-office activities to supply chain processes, to order & delivery, and product planning. You can track it all from anywhere via the web.
  2. You can control production cost and trace costs back to its investment point with an ERP system. The system allows you to automate most of the process and assists you to track every part of it. You can take action in the production process and monitor cost, as it will give an overall view of where the money has been put and the progress of each stage.
  3. ERP helps in increasing customer satisfaction as it allows every department to track and see updated information like customer orders, status and delivery reports of the products or services, regardless of which department has put the final report in the system. This enables a seamless flow of information between various departments, making the whole process fast and error free.
  4. Another salient reason to integrate the business process with ERP is the minimisation of manual work and procure error-free data. ERP automates most of the data input and lowers down manual work which means fewer human errors. The automation helps faster tracking, logistics, and order fulfillment process. Thereby, increasing productivity and making it profitable in the long run.
  5. Minimum waste leads to better productivity, isn’t it? The opportunity to look at things as a whole enables to not miss out on any opportunity. Live update of the business process lets you see where change is required to smooth down workflow and recognise areas which are cost effective. Therefore ERP minimises waste by using the resources efficiently.

The global ERP software market will continue to grow in the foreseeable future according to the AMA research team. Organisations are constantly trying to low down the operational cost and be more vigilant to the core business process. AdvanceMarketAnalytics, the global consulting firm has released a report titled “Global ERP software market - global outlook 2023” which stated that organisations are in constant need for fast adaptability and a desire to expand their horizons. Further, it stated that the global ERP software market will extend to CAGR of 7.3% to aggregate USD $53.19 Billion by 2023. In the era of big data and complex business module, companies pay a great deal of importance to ERP software to run their business and to keep up with global trends.

Proper research and evaluation will certainly help you to choose the right ERP software that will meet all your requirements that you have planned to grow your business. FACT has a profound knowledge and understanding of national and international businesses for more than 30 years. At FACT we use technology that provides all the assistance that has been mentioned above and a whole lot more. To have a clear understanding of how ERP software can help your business reach new heights write to us at or you can visit us at