5 Lesser Known Facts About ERP Software

ERP software provides a series of business management assistance. Any organisation, whether small or big can integrate ERP software and reap great benefits from it. Organisations must ensure all the functions an ERP has to offer before selecting the software. For example, providing real-time data is an absolute must to manage business activities efficiently. ERP helps in better decision making and faster task completion. The software tool provides various functions among which some are quite popular and people are aware of them whereas, few are not so well-known.

ERP solutions are increasingly gaining acclaim among small to midsize organisations for its features and centralised approach to business management. Organisations can gain significant leverage through business management tools. It will assist your business to read & sort data and interpret information from various units. ERP's approach to automating routine tasks and streamlining cross-departmental workflows helps to gain traction. Proper implementation can drive profitability and efficiency.

Let Us Walk you Through 5 Lesser-Known Benefits of ERP Integration

  1. Helps to Increase Customer Knowledge
    ERP integration provides a holistic view of customer interactions and stores the maximum amount of customer data. ERP also helps you track how customer service is doing. All businesses are now customer centric and working towards better customer experience. ERP is at the heart of business management, therefore it caters a lot of relevant information to increase customer knowledge.
  2. Helps to Prevent Data Breach
    Did you know that important data is much more secure with on-premise ERP?
    Information such as employee social security numbers, supply chain logistics, expenses, sales figures and much more has significant value to the organisation. Also, it can pose great danger if important data get misplaced or reached outside parties. With ERP the company controls the data and everything along with it. The data won't be at risk because the software is not connected to any outside network.
  3. Make it Exclusive According To your Need
    ERP's flexibility with organisations unique problems is another fact very few investors know about. ERP integrates relevant internal and external processes. Instead of making the employees work around useless applications, the software tool allows staff with exclusive customisation in the system to cater to specific business needs.
  4. ERP Implementation is Not Rocket-Science
    Many believe that ERP implementation is very complex and hard to understand the functions. Most of ERP implementation failure happens due to lack of senior management involvement. Management staff, many times don't sit through the implementation process, overlook important details and leave too much on the junior employees. But the truth is ERP implementation is no rocket science, adequate software information, toolset, clear objectives and experience can make the implementation smooth.
  5. There Are Plenty of ERP Software to Serve your Needs
    There is plenty of fish in the ERP sea. Numerous ERP softwares are there that cater to a specific industry. So no matter what your requirements are you will find the one that will be apt for your business needs. Many think that customisation of ERP is troublesome but the truth is a business can make specific changes in the ERP tool easily that will fit your organisation like a glove.

FACT ERP.NG is an all-inclusive solution with an integrated system for Financial Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing and much more. FACT software helps to minimise duplication, processes transactions in real-time and updated reports to help management make better and quicker decisions. In this rapidly changing world, we are thriving to make improved, faster and superior software. FACT has helped more than 100,000 companies across the globe to maintain their enterprise accounting and payroll.ERP software in any company helps the organisation use its resources efficiently. Therefore choosing the right software is a key component of your business growth.

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