5 Benefits of Asset Management Software Integration

Wealth management is more than an investment. It leverages from strategic planning, creative solutions and automation to meet your goals faster than you had imagined. Financial stability certainly requires a lot of patience, discipline, persistence and of course, wise investments. Once people reach that financial stability, they work on growing their wealth. If you have successfully managed to expand your horizons and spread your wings towards the sky it's time, that you get appropriate financial advice and service for nurturing and safekeeping of your wealth.

Keeping track of assets and finances is an important task which eventually leads to growth. Failing to do that accurately could lead to loss of asset, low return on investment and mismanagement of finance. Nowadays, businesses and clients want to be a bigger part of the asset management process as technology is making it possible for them. Clients now want a holistic view of their asset class, where they can monitor all assets in one place and get requisite advice for managing them. Technology is answering those needs and providing wealth monitor software with significant advantages.

5 Major Benefits of Wealth Management Software:

  1. Evaluation of assets will be easy: Many people spend a good amount of time evaluating and readjusting accounts manually. Direct software integration can save up a lot of time of your day by maintaining and keeping everything under one roof. Regular assessment of financial statements will ensure the clients and businesses that tracking is accurate and error free.
  2. Quick dashboard setup: Wealth management software will allow you to see all relevant information on your personalised dashboard. The dashboard will assist you to get a view of all your accounts. The greatest advantage will be, real-time view of reports, mark to market graphs, price alert, consolidate holdings and much more.
  3. Real-time data management: With wealth management software you will have access to real-time information. Real-time data ensures that information relevant to the client is constantly being updated and businesses or clients have complete access to the up-to-date information.
  4. Flexibility with changing time: Wealth management software is flexible enough to cope faster with changing needs of the clients with minimum effort. There are many customised configuration exclusively catered for each business or client. These features will be most effective in order to meet customer needs.
  5. Identifying risk won’t be a tough task anymore: Software integration makes asset management an efficient operation. It also includes risk analysis that is associated with the user’s assets or wealth class. Proper monitoring can certainly help to identify risks and further come up with a solution. It will also alert businesses after identifying any risk.

Wealth management software will combine financial counselling and investment management for financially high-end businesses and clients. It will also help clients with their investment strategies, accounting and tax services. The software integration will offer assistance in property management, securities and other investments.

At FACT, we have designed FamilyWealthGuru exclusively for high net worth individuals to manage their wealth. It will help investors create and run systematically planned financial goals. The software has a profound understanding of client requirements and goals. FamilyWealthGuru offers portfolio aggregation with automatic mark-to-market. An unbeatable combination of data security, zero manual work, no more spreadsheets and slice & dice capability. Ideally suited for Family Offices, External Asset Managers and Fund Managers. FamilyWealthGuru invests a lot of time to meet your financial goals faster and better. You work hard building your wealth FamilyWealthGuru puts you on Top of the Game!

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