Multi Currency

Raise Sale Invoices in multiple currencies in same customer code. Automatic realised and unrealised gain / loss calculation. Currency exposure statement. 11 decimals for currency rates.


Set up recurring documents on dates and time. Schedule report generation and email despatch. Schedule imports. Set up backups. All automatic and unattended. Nothing to remember.

Disaster Recovery Service

Auto data backup and restoration on our Disaster Recovery Server. Business Continuity. Zero burden on your IT staff. Email alert for backup failure.

Connect To The World

Anywhere Access

Server in USA. Enter transactions in India. FM checks in Singapore. CFO approves from the Caribbean beaches. Complete workflow with online approvals.

Import From Anywhere

Import from Point Of Sale (POS), Clinic Management System, Time Billing System, Freight Forwarding System. Fully integrated. Effortless.

Export to Excel & PDF

Export to Excel. Export to PDF. All reports and screen queries. Even filtered once. From Cockpit. From Masters. Entries too. Email directly.

Make Informed Decisions

Segment-wise Reporting

Document Class allows you instant reports on geographies, product lines and sub ledgers. Define own segments, tailored to your company. Filter on combination of segments. Export filtered reports.

2,000+ Canned Reports

Over 20 years of user feedback. Virtually every report you would like to see. Drill down to transaction. Generate filtered reports. Export to PDF, Excel and other formats. Power search within reports. Email reports.

Complete Drill Down

Drill down from all reports. Create own drill down rules. Decide what to see when drilled down. Go right down to transaction. Come back to bird’s eye view.

Unlimited Personalisation

Customised Tax Invoice

Design the Tax Invoice exactly the way you want. With the company logo. Export Invoice format as well. Save in PDF. Email directly.

Create Custom Reports

Design your own reports. Save them. Assign user security. Define own drill down rules. Modify existing reports. No external Report Writer needed. All in-built and integrated.

Create Custom Fields

In Masters and Entries. Store formula. Set validation rules. Use these fields in reports. Filter on these fields. No programming required. Amazing customisation tool.

Go Home at 5pm

Save 85% data entry time

Copy transactions. Adding is so yesterday. Saves up to 85% data entry time. Accurate and fast. Allows accounts personnel to do more work. Eliminates drudgery. Productivity shoots up.

Quick Switch to FACT ERP.NG

Import masters and open sale & purchase documents. Eliminates manual data entry. Migrate from legacy systems almost instantly.

Go Live in 30 days

Our Rapid Deployment Model has been fine tuned over 20+ years. Gets you up and running in 30 days. Painless switchover.


Robust Database

Highly scalable. Unmatched data integrity. Fast, reliable and secure. Supports high-availability database workloads. Cost-effective data warehousing platform.

Unlimited User Rights

Assign specific rights to each user. Restrict a user from seeing another user’s entries. Control export, print and email options.

Audit Trail

Complete tracking of all user activity. Covers Masters and Entries. Security controlled.

The CEO’s Dream

Turbo Charged Cockpit

Next generation dashboard. Create real-time graphs and annotate them. Bird’s eye view of your company’s operations. Drill down to transaction. Filter on division and department.

Business Intelligence Tools

Massage data effortlessly. In all Master and Entry screens. Group on Country. Filter on Amount. Email filtered reports. Even export to Excel.

Create Own Alerts

Run your company by exception now, not by transaction. Set up online alerts. Set up email alerts based on limits. Identify alerts by names. Modify alerts at will. Monitor travel expense. Set up bank balance alerts.

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