FACT ERP.NG / Web Version (New)

The wait is over – the power of the web is here for you now!


  • Access via the web from anywhere (even if you are not in office)
  • Only Web Browser needed (no client installation needed)
  • Accessible from mobiles (iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi and many others)
  • Resizes automatically for portrait / landscape mode
  • Works on iOS and Android
  • Works from the desktop and tablets (iPad, Samsung, Lenovo, HP etc)
  • Works from Apple MacBook Pro, Air, iMac directly (no need to install Windows)
  • Works on mobile 3G/4G
  • View Reports on live data
  • Click and reposition tiles
  • Click tiles and zoom into transactions
  • Auto Graphs
  • View Customer Cards, Product Cards and Salesman Cards instantly
  • Create Groups and Sub Group by drag and drop
  • Filter data to zero-in on exactly what you are looking for
  • Export filtered reports to Excel
  • Print filtered reports
  • Email page to five persons instantly
  • More reports are being progressively migrated to FACT ERP.NG / Web Version – keep updating to the latest version regularly
  • New exciting features are being added progressively in FACT ERP.NG / Web Version – keep updating to the latest version regularly

Minimum Requirements :

  • Web Browser : FACT ERP.NG / Web Version works best with Google Chrome
  • Fixed IP on Server : If you wish to access the live accounts from outside the office
  • IIS (Internet Information Services) : Must be running on Server/PC for FACT ERP.NG / Web Version to be automatically install itself

If you need any assistance with the Minimum Requirements, call your nearest FACT Delivery Centre

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